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Help Your School Save Money By Doing These 5 Things

Published on 20/09/17

WIth school budgets on the brink, we've come up with a list of ways your school can save money...

1. Bulk Buying

Purchasing in large volumes can significantly bring down the cost of goods and get the best value for money. There is a big difference between good value and simply cheap. More often than not – with cheaper products - quality is a compromise and could result in a decrease in the item's longevity. Don't be afraid to barter by asking for the best prices with new and existing suppliers. If you've been with a supplier for a long period of time, your loyalty should be rewarded with a small discount.

2. Joint Procurement

Ask schools in your local area if they would be interested in bulk buying together. This can provide you with equal rewards, not to mention the relationships you will forge in the process. Partnerships between schools (even those competing with one another) can be hugely beneficial in regards to procurement and development. You never know, they might know something you don't!

3. Use Your School Grounds

Sports facilities, rooms and hall spaces can be hired out for local events or classes. Your playing fields for car boot sales or local fêtes, and your playground for a car park. Get involved with your local community to find opportunities to provide a bit of extra cash. Not only will this improve your connections with your local community, it could also provide you with an influx of cash too.

4. Go Paperless

Is your school still wasting time and money on administrative duties, paper and printing supplies? Office admin can be a burden; by making the switch to digital you could save thousands of pounds every year. By automating the system of communication between the school and parents with systems including information about grades, achievements, attendance and homework, you will eliminate the need for school personnel to be involved in the process, which will allow more time spent focusing on more student centered tasks.

5. Recruitment / Enrollment Marketing

With costs averaging from £3,000 - £10,000 to recruit a senior leader in a school (National Association of Head Teachers) recruitment can become an huge expense across the school year. Utilising your school website as a platform from which you can publish current vacancies and various other marketing methods, it's possible to eliminate the costs of recruiting for positions within the school. This works both ways; with 32% of schools being undersubscribed*, so many schools are missing out on much needed funding. With more effective marketing you can increase your ROI, improve recruitment and increase enrollment.

*32% of 22,500 are more than 10% undersubscribed – based on 22,000 schools in EduBase, taken from School Census January 2017.

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