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Peterborough Young Enterprise Awards

Published on 21/04/16

e4education recently sponsored the Peterborough Young Enterprise Company of the Year Awards which took place on 20th April at the Abax Stadium - the home of Peterborough United Football Club.

The event was attended by the winner of last years Apprentice, Joseph Valente, who gave a speech about his inspiring journey from leaving school leading up to winning the competition. 

The Young Enterprise Company of the Year Competition is an annual event whereby students from schools within the UK set up their own business brand and devise products to sell, market, and ultimately generate a profit. It is a fantastic opportunity for students to harness their entrepreneurial spirits by demonstrating creativity and innovation. In 2015 more than 25,000 business savvy people participated. You can find out more about Young Enterprise here.

The Peterborough competition is the first step for students to showcase their brand, concepts and ideas. The winners are entered into the regional Cambridgeshire competition; with the successful team progressing to the national finals.

Six companies entered the local competition with entrants from Arthur Mellows Village College, The Peterborough School, Ken Stimpson Community School, Wisbech Grammar School, Orimiston Bushfield Academy and The Kings School.

Our very own CEO, John Roach, was bestowed with the honour of judging the competition and commented:

“These youngsters are inspiring, they have thrown their hearts and souls into the competition and come up with some incredibly innovative product ideas.”

The decided winners were team Legacy from Ken Stimpson Community School, who designed and developed a “Do It Yourself” baking jar.

“The product was designed and created by the team and would quite easily sit along side other likeminded products, what’s more they had managed to create the product cheaper then what is available on the high street.” – John Roach, e4education CEO.

Running a close second came Wisbech Grammar School with team Incepto. With a range of products focusing on the local area including a calendar, a cookbook and a mobile phone charging block made from off-cuts of Eucalyptus tress.

 “This team worked incredibly well together and showed a great deal of initiative. What particularly impressed the judges was the way they organized and attended the local market and sold product; that shows determination” – John Roach.

A special award was created on the evening to reward team Inspirate from Ormiston Bushfield Academy. The team had experienced a very difficult year encountering numerous barriers and problems. However, the presentation given by the team was amazing. With a great deal of passion and courage they simply presented the challenged they had faced, what they had learned from the experience and what they would do better next time… inspiring.

With this in mind the judges agreed to create a “Tenacity” award which e4education would provide the prize.


Overall the evening was a resounding success with all the entries doing both themselves an their schools proud.