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How To Keep Your Prospective Parents Warm

Published on 16/11/16

Once a parent agrees to send their child to your school, the nurturing process shouldn't stop there. It's important to keep in touch with them for a variety of reasons; to instil a sense of excitement in light of the first day of term, to keep them informed on what they can expect from your school community, and most importantly - to ensure they maintain an open channel of communication with the school.

If parents have any concerns or issues, they have to feel reassured the school will genuinely care, take note, and address them as and when they arise. It's important to remember that parents like to remain involved in their child's education (some more so than others), simply because they care.

In many ways, your students and their parents are your school's customers. And you know what they say about customers? They're always right. This is exactly why it's so crucial to keep the parents on side and help them to feel a part of the school, it's mission and what's going on.

Here are a few ways to keep your prospective parents buttered up and happy with the school as a whole; in terms of delivering an engaging and comprehensive curriculum, effectively and innovatively, whilst also creating strong relationships with the parents of the pupils, as their child's education is - and always will be - a huge part of their lives.

Newsletters & News Updates

Sending regular newsletters or posting news updates onto the school's website is a brilliant way of maintaining a strong level of communication with parents. They like to feel inclusive and involved with their child's education and by receiving regular updates about what's going on within the school and their child, they won't feel like they are missing out or excluded from such a huge part of their children's life. 

Hold Dedicated Events

During the summer term, many schools open up to new students to get to know the school before they start in September. If you don't already, you should also consider inviting parents to post photos of activities in lessons and celebrating the achievements of their pupils on social platforms, parents will be able to keep up with what their child is doing during school hours.

Social Media

Keep talking to parents throughout the summer holidays via various social channels. Twitter is a perfect way of sharing what is going on within the school, what students can expect on the first day of term, links to key information (such as where to buy uniform or what to bring on the first day of school) along with what is going on within the school, as and when it's happening. By getting teachers to post photos of activities in lessons and celebrating the achievements of their pupils on social platforms, providing parents with an insight into what their child is doing during school hours.

School News App

The e4education School News App is a perfect way of keeping in touch with your stakeholders. Parents can download the app onto their mobile phones or tablets and every time you post a new article on your website, create a new event, or upload new photos a push notification will be sent out to any device with the app installed. 

Ask Them

When you send out acceptance letters, make the parents known of the various channels of communication they can use to connect with the school. Encourage them to follow you on social channels, ask them what they are interested in, what information they want to know, how they would prefer to hear from the school and gather their email and phone details so you can reach them.

Points of Contact

Parents share their qualms, issues, and concerns with other parents. If they are not happy with something, usually the first place they will go is to other parents to see whether they are experiencing similar problems or feel the same way. By setting up a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) you can bridge the gap between parents and your school by creating a platform for them to voice their opinions and communicate their ideas.

Act on Feedback

Ensure that any feedback you get from new parents and students is answered and acted upon. Having a team dedicated to dealing with new students needs is always valuable. This will help them to settle into life at the school to make the transition as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

If you are interested in getting more advice on what you can do to meet the wants and needs of any prospective or existing parents, get in touch with our team who will be able to offer you suggestions of how we can help. Drop us an email at or call us on 03453 191 039.