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Is your school doing enough to educate your students on drugs and addiction?

Published on 10/02/20

Did you know that latest figures show that 20 - 25% of 11 - 15-year olds in the UK have tried illegal drugs? And that the number increases to almost 40% within the 16 - 24 age range?

As a teacher, support staff member or parent, do you know what to say to the children in your care to educate them about drugs and the devastating side effects? 

Unfortunately, research shows that the ‘Just Say No’ approach does not work, and drugs are now stronger and more easily accessible than ever before.

Drugs Education Awareness Presentation

One of our long-standing customers; The King’s School Grantham, recently held a drugs education awareness talk to emphasise the importance of effective drugs education. 

They asked Simon Leigh, a qualified counsellor who previously specialised in the treatment of addictive disorders (previously accredited by, and an examiner for, the Federation of Drug & Alcohol Professionals - FDAP) to come in and give a talk to their Year 12 students as well as provide an evening presentation for parents and carers of students within any year group.

Our Operations Director, Helen, was one of the parents attending the evening presentation:

"You don’t realise just how prevalent drugs are, especially within the younger age ranges. They’re easy to get hold of, cheaper than alcohol and the effects - from even one experience - can be absolutely devastating.

Children and young people are more at risk than ever before and educating them (and their parents) on the real facts, not the media myths, is paramount to open discussion and awareness on the dangers of recreational drug use.

Simon’s talk was very honest, engaging and eye-opening - well worth attending.

Having experienced this at my son’s school, I’m now a firm believer that hosting drug & addiction talks should be an absolute necessity for all schools."


Want to hold a presentation for your School or Trust?

Simon Leigh visits many schools across the UK and Europe, speaking to students, staff and parents about drug education and providing informative, engaging and hard-hitting interactive talks designed to dispel the myths and teach the facts. 

You can find out more about his approach, read testimonials from many schools who have worked with him and book him to visit your school via his website: 

Katie Sixsmith

Katie is our Marketing & Communications Executive and joined e4education in November 2015. She has a 2.1 BA (Hons) in English Language and Literature from the Open University and is currently studying for her Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing with the Oxford College of Marketing. 

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