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Our Design Predictions For 2016

Published on 22/01/16

Every year the internet buzzes about new trends and predictions for the next 12 months. So, in true New Years style, we’ve collated the biggest trends our designers think will be huge in 2016. Lets take a look!

1. Minimal, ‘flat designs’ will continue to be popular. Whether it’s a very stripped back design with lots of whitespace, or a simple illustration with clean line drawings and flat colours, minimal designs will be big in 2016. Examples include Cambridge 14-19 PartnershipSt Gabriel’s and Brant Broughton C of E & Methodist Primary School - check out the class logo design on this website.

2. Mobile is here to stay. A big trend in 2014 and 2015, mobile use will continue to rise well into 2016 and beyond. With this increased traffic from mobile users, the designers at e4education are adapting with school websites designed with vertical user flows in mind.

"Clicking is disruptive and requires active participation on the part of the user..."

Sophie Brookes, school website designer at e4education.

With users becoming more used to using mobiles, especially touch screen models, scrolling has definitely over taken clicking in terms of usability and this will be reflected in the new school websites we produce in 2016.

3. Hybrid websites. Our bespoke school website design service truly caters to the vast array of school visions and personalities, and in 2016 we’re excited to be doing even more to push boundaries, combine styles, and approaches to ensure your website says exactly what you want it to. Your school website doesn’t need to be contemporary and minimalist to be slick and smart, and it doesn’t need to be illustrated to be fun and friendly. See St Benedict’s Infant School and Talavera for examples.

4. Putting the user first. Having a beautiful website is one thing, but understanding the needs of your users is vital for a truly successful school website. Considering different target audiences, how they will use the site and the journey they will take, will all help create an effective, easier to use school website. To make your school website more user centric, we’re able to work with you to provide a stakeholder analysis, surveying existing and prospective students and their parents, teachers, school staff and the local community, and establishing what they want and need from a school website. Interested in a stakeholder analysis for your new school website? Get in touch to find out more.

5. Fantastic fonts. In 2016 it’s not just what you write, but how you write it. Typography is expected to be big this year, with some schools already showing off beautiful fonts across their websites. Check out Northborough Primary School for a great example of how beautiful typography can transform your school website.

Interested in a new school website design, or just want to talk to us about our extensive range of services? Get in touch! Call us on 03453 191039 or contact us here.