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Bring Your Child To Work Day

Published on 20/03/17

We don't know about you, but when we were younger there was a rather large amount of curiosity into the lives of our parents at work. What did they do all day? Sit in an office and do stuff on the computer? Go into meetings? What did they do on the computer and in those meetings? What was their life like outside of the family home? We wanted to find out!

Here at e4education, we love working with and supporting schools in more ways than just developing websites for them! In the past we have sponsored and judged the Young Enterprise Awards and done talks at schools about business development. This is why we desperately wanted to get involved in 'Bring Your Child To Work Day'.

Bring Your Child To Work Day is a national initiative to encourage children to build more of an understanding about the work place. It's the perfect opportunity to provide our children with an educational, interactive and inspiring experience to offer an insight into what it is their parents do.

Our Operations Manager - Helen - brought her daughter Hannah in for the day. Being the Operations Manager means Helen has to be extremely organised, working with each team, to ensure that all of our client's projects go live with no complications; as and when they have agreed. Being part of Helen's department, Hannah was keen to learn more about what the designers do on a daily basis.

"I really enjoyed my day at e4education. It was so interesting learning about their equipment and processes. I also really liked the working environment; everyone was very laid back and willing to help.

Hannah has always had a passion for Art and anything where she can be creative (clearly demonstrated by her incredible brownie baking skills) which is why it was obvious to nestle her in with the design team. With no background in using the Adobe Creative suite, Hannah got straight to work with learning the ropes of Photoshop with one of our design specialists. Not only that, Hannah managed to master the art of using a Wacom pad and pen; this is a digital version of pen and paper used by most of our designers, but trust us - it's definitely not as easy to use as it sounds! 

"My task for the day was to create a wireframe for a website design. It was really fun and I feel like I have learnt so many new skills!"

In just one day Hannah learnt so many new skills, which allowed her to create a finished product to demonstrate her accomplishment. The wireframe produced was printed off for Hannah's project so she could explain - in more detail - what she had learned throughout the day. The result was absolutely magnificent and we're so proud of Hannah for her hard work, dedication and willingness to learn - it certainly paid off!