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Boosting Your Website With Social Media

Published on 17/11/17

According to Ofcom, nearly two-thirds of adults aged 16+ have a profile on at least one social networking website. With Social Media such a prominent part of our society, in this latest blog post we explore some of the ways it can complement your school website and why it should be a key part of your marketing strategy moving forward.

Social Feeds

Long gone are the days where people were happy to read reams of text on webpages – instead they prefer digestible engaging content that can be consumed quickly. Social Media is a great way of delivering up-to-date content and what better way than a feed on your website. This is essentially a page or part of your website that pulls through information from all of your different social profiles, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

A social feed can be an incredibly powerful way of providing your website visitors with an insight into life at your school. Whether that’s a video feed showing snippets of school life, or photos from Instagram capturing your key messages, these feeds are social proof of your school’s ethos, and a great way of attracting prospective students.

If you decide to have a social feed on your school website be sure that all of your content across your social channels is carefully considered so nothing appears on your website that you don’t want to.


Social Buttons

Having social buttons on your website is a great way of increasing engagement and reach. Whether it’s buttons on your homepage that encourage website visitors to follow or subscribe to your channels, or buttons on your blog to encourage sharing – social buttons are a must for any school website.

Social Media Integration

With Social Media Integration, you can ensure your content has an even greater reach. Any good Content Management System (CMS) should have the ability to integrate directly with Facebook or Twitter, and allow you to promote content on your social media feeds. With the e4education CMS whenever you save a page of content you have the option to post a Tweet or Facebook post that’s been automatically generated, straight to both accounts at the click of a button, saving you time and boosting website traffic too.


Looking to recruit staff or encourage students to join your school, or maybe you’re running a campaign to raise awareness? If so, using hashtags could be a great way to index/group your content together and create a conversation. You can post your hashtag on your website and printed literature for maximum exposure.


Using social media can boost traffic and exposure, give visitors an insight into school life and reinforce your brand messages. With news that ofsted may inspect social media feeds to get a better feeling of how well the school is performing, having a strong social media policy is a must for any school.