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Getting Pupils Involved In Your School Website

Published on 09/11/17

Whether you’re looking for a marketing boost, or just want to bring your school community closer together, there’s lots of great reasons to get students involved in your school website.

New Website

If you’re about to undertake a new website project for your school, it’s important to understand how users interact with your website. Your website analytics should give you a good starting point but conducting stakeholder research should be a key part of establishing how people use your website and how it can be further improved. If you’re looking to boost enrolment, making sure your website appeals to prospective students is going to be key – meeting with a handful of students and documenting their experiences could make your new school website that bit more effective when it launches.

Some schools go one step further and bring the student voice into the design process too. Whether it’s a competition to design an element for the website (like a new logo or header image), or bringing them into the design consultation to talk about their ideas. A good design agency will take the students work and ideas and turn them into something special.


School Benefits

Once your school website is up and running you might want to consider involving students in the running of your website too. If your school website has a content management system like the one e4education provide to its clients, you’ll be able to create accounts for students with restricted permissions, allowing them to only edit the areas of website, or specific types of content, you wish. You can also make it a requirement for any content they create to be sent to a member of staff for approval before it goes live on the website. This two-step process safeguards the school, all the while helping to share the workload of updating your school website.



There are other benefits to involving your students in maintaining your school website too. From a marketing perspective, giving your students a voice on your school website can help reinforce your brand identity and help portray the essence of what makes your school so unique. What better way to encourage prospective students to enrol at your school than with a student blog or a part of the website that documents their experiences.

Gumley House School took this idea to the next level, with a fully interactive video that follows the lives of different students throughout a school day. The script and timings have been perfectly crafted to allow visitors to seamlessly switch between experiences, giving them different insights into what makes the school so special.

When it comes to planning your school marketing activities, think about how you could involve students in your school website. If your school is successful at placing students in top university destinations, maybe profile students and their paths for example.


Curriculum Benefits

Involving your pupils in your school website doesn’t have to be just an after-school project for a handful of students, instead it could be a core part of your curriculum…

  • Computer Programming: With the recent push to make programming part of the curriculum, you might consider getting your students to design and code a widget to embed on your school website.
  • English: Help students learn how to write persuasively, or create an engaging blog post in your English lessons.
  • Media: Teaching your students to be budding journalists? Why not get them to write a report on your next school concert, or sports fixture, for your website. If your media course teaches filmmaking and photography too, why not get them to record and capture media for your school website.

Your school website is an integral part of the day-to-day life at your school. There are so many ways you can involve students in your school website, and many benefits for doing so. Next time you look at your school website, it’s worth consider whether involving pupils could be advantageous.