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Top 10 Frequently Asked Support Questions

24 August 2021

We've put together a list of our Top 10 Frequently Asked Support Questions to help you get the most from your school or trust website and ensure that you can find the answers you need quickly and easily.

Macbook keyboard - man typing1. How do I log into my website?

To log in to your website Content Management System (CMS) you will need to go to your website address and type /admin at the end of the address. For example:

An orange and white pop-up box will then appear in the centre of the screen and ask you enter your credentials. Once you have completed this, press the orange login button to gain access to your CMS.

Password in envelope on yellow background2. How do I reset my password?

If you are unsure of your password, when you access the login screen (see #1), you can click the Having trouble logging in? text just below the login box.

This will take you to a screen where you can submit your CMS username (which is usually your email address) to receive a password reset email for your account. If you do not receive the email instantly, please check your spam/junk folder.

Woman writing in a notebook next to laptop and coffee3. How do I add a new news story?

When logged into your website, go to your news feed and then select create > article on the orange toolbar. You will then be able to enter the title of your article, update the thumbnail image and write an introduction and the main content.

Once you are happy with your story, go to edit > save on the orange toolbar. You can then choose whether to save now, save as a draft or send for approval to another user.

Snowman and child4. How do I update my urgent news?

If you have some important or urgent information that you want to feature on your homepage, you can use your urgent news banner. You need to create a news article (see #3) and then go to edit on the orange toolbar.

Click priority and select the urgent news dropdown to yes then go to edit > save and save the page. You can also pin the story to the top of your news feed if required.

School children in a row5. How do I change my slideshow photos?

There are two ways to update your slideshow photographs and these will depend on how your website has been built.

File Manager Controlled Slideshow

You can use the page ID to change the photos by going to the orange admin bar and clicking home > file manager > website files > images > slideshow and then right-clicking on the slideshow folder.

Click create to add a new folder within the slideshow folder then right-click on the new folder to rename it to the corresponding Page ID number. The page ID can be found at the end of the specific page URL so for example on pid=6, the folder name would be 6. Depending on when your website was built, you may also have a tooltip overlay on the slideshow informing you which folder you need to upload images to. 

The homepage slides will be in a folder titled 1 or occasionally 'home'.

Custom Form Slideshow

If your homepage slideshow is controlled by a custom form then you will access this on the orange toolbar via website > custom data > slideshow (or similarly named).

You can then update each slide with a new image which will be stored in the file manager.

People crowding around a laptop6. How do I update my menu?

You can edit the navigation structure, location and titles of your website pages within your Content Management System (CMS) if you have administrator permissions. To access your sitemap click home on the orange bar and then click sitemap view. Click the 'start edit' button to add new pages, rename pages and drag and drop pages into a new location. Once you have finished editing, you can click end edit.

In the majority of cases, we recommend a maximum of 6 or 7 top level navigation items to ensure that your menu does not break onto two lines on smaller devices. 

Man with calendar and laptop7. How do I add new calendar events?

If you do not have a Google or Outlook calendar sync set-up on your website then you will need to manually add your calendar events. 

Go to your calendar page, click create on the orange bar and then choose event on the grey bar. You will then have the option to set a title, start date, finish date, timings and reoccurrence details. You can also write a description for your users of the event requirements and choose which of your calendar categories it relates to. Once you are done, either click save or send for approval.

To add a new calendar category, go to edit on the orange bar, click calendars on the grey bar and then select Add Category from the drop-down menu.

Interested in purchasing a calendar sync to avoid the need for manually updating your calendar? 

Two people sitting at a laptop8. How do I update or add new users?

Adding, changing or removing users is a permission which is reserved for administrators of your website. You can access these settings via the User Manager under the Home tab on the orange bar.

To add a new user to the CMS. click create new user within the pop-up box and fill out the asterisked fields. Ensure the send user password reset button is ticked so that they can change their password to something more secure on first login. Select choose role to assign them to a specific user role and then click add user to complete their registration.

There are three default roles within the CMS; Administrator, Publisher and Writer.

Each user should only be assigned to one of these roles, not all three. 

An Administrator has full permissions to alter website content.  This includes reordering content, using the Sitemap View, creating new users and roles within the User Manager, approving or rejecting content, restoring deleted items, accessing custom forms and much, much more.

A Publisher can create content on the website, without the need for approval.  They cannot reorder content or access the User Manager.

A Writer can create and edit content on the website.  However, all changes require approval from an Administrator or Publisher before the content goes live.

Map with pins9. How do I edit my custom features?

Many of our websites have custom-built functionality which will allow you to edit bespoke elements of your website such as the text over the slideshow, quick links, house points, homepage feeds, map pointers and much more.

If you have any custom areas of your website and are not sure where to update them, we would always advise checking under website > custom data on the orange bar.

Custom data is restricted to users with admin privileges so if you do not have permission to update these, please ask your one of your in-school website users with website admin permissions for assistance.

F5 Key10. I'm seeing an old version of....?

There may be occasions where you update your website, or request a change from our development team, but when you go to have a look, they are either not showing or are looking a little broken....!

This is perfectly normal and is to do with browser caching. When you visit a website, your browser downloads and stores the webpage resource files in a temporary storage location on your computer, to allow you to load the site faster next time you visit. When changes occur, the browser can still be using the cached files which can cause discrepancies. A hard refresh (CTRL + F5 or CMD + R) will usually help to refresh your cache.

If you do need any additional assistance, our support team are only ever a call or email away and will be happy to help.