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The top 2 time-saving tools you NEED for your school website

17 March 2022 Katie Sixsmith

Finding time-saving solutions for the jobs that take a little longer than most, means freeing up the staff within your school to spend time on the things that really matter. Like ensuring your community is safe and your students have everything they need.

Discover our top 2 time-saving tools that you need for your school website and see how we can save you time, money and resource!

Avoid duplication of work with our calendar sync tool

If you’re adding events manually to your school website then our calendar sync is for you.

By integrating your internal Microsoft or Google calendar directly with your school website, any events added into your in-house school calendar will be automatically pulled across onto your website. You will have full control over which calendars are pulled across, so you can always deselect any which you don’t want publicly shared, and it’s quick and easy to implement.

Once the integration has been added, you can add, remove and update your calendar sync directly from your administrator settings within your website content management system.

The whole process helps to reduce website administration time, streamline your processes and ensure your parents and wider community always have access to the latest, most up to date, information.

Don’t forget, the school calendar can also sync with your school news app and parent portal, updating parents on the go, as and when they need the information most.

See how Rutlish School and Harrow High School are using their calendar sync to engage with their community or speak to a member of our team to find out more.

Save time and resources with our Digital Newsletter Builder

A school newsletter is perfect for communicating with parents but collating the information and then formatting and distributing it is often a time-consuming process.

Our digital newsletter builder module has been developed to transform this process, allowing you to create professional looking, dynamic newsletters in minutes. You can pull in content from the blogs, news stories and calendar on your school website, as well as embed social media feeds, to share your latest updates.

You can also add in other content such as text and images, which will be styled to match the formatting of your website and the rest of the newsletter.

digital newsletter builderOnce you’ve finished your newsletter creation, you can share it with your community via your website or send it to parents via our time-saving MIS-integrated email module, allowing you to eliminate printing costs, reduce your carbon footprint and keep everyone up to date!

Integrated email

Check out these brilliant examples from a few of our customers who are using the digital newsletter builder functionality:

Click on the latest one in each feed to see the most recent edition.

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