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Are You Ready for Your Open Day?

Published on 12/10/18

With the admissions deadlines on the horizon, we know that the next few weeks and months are crucial for marketing your school to prospective parents. 

We’ve put together a selection of our most helpful resources to ensure you are equipped for your Open Events with the best possible knowledge to convert prospective parents into ambassadors for your school. 

Preparation - Getting Ready For Your Open Event

Before you even open the doors to greet your prospective parents, they will have visited your website and scoured your social media to find out more about your school. These investigations will not only form the initial stages of their research into your offering but will also strongly influence their decision on whether or not they attend your event.

To help you make the most of your existing offering we have highlighted a few easy ways to convert prospective parents to your school as well as written a comprehensive guide on how to make the best first impression through the 7 A’s of Attraction

We know budgets are ever-tightening, so we've also showcased a few ways of marketing your Open Day without breaking the bank.

Selling Your School - Make It Stand Out

Our Making the Most of Your Open Day resource is full of handy hints and tips to personalise your visitor experience, ensuring that your Open Day event is unique, interesting and insightful.

You need to stand out from the crowd and wow your parents; they need to see what makes your school different from the rest. Don’t just show them a polished front; show them your students, your teachers, your lesson structure, your ongoing projects. Involve them in the day and make them feel like they’ve stepped into a day in the life of your school. 

Don't forget that parents will be deliberately looking beyond the areas that you show them and will be trying to determine what your school is really like. The BBC have created an article on eight things for parents to look out for - so do bear these in mind when you're showing parents around. 

Follow Up - Keeping Prospective Parents Interested

Once your parents have made their decision, you need to keep them excited and engaged about your school. Your prospective parents are going to be important members of your school community for potentially the best part of a decade. These parents will become decision-makers, ambassadors and influencers and their children will become the future of your school. In the lead-up to September and afterwards, you need to nurture these parents and keep them updated of the school's progress.

To help you navigate this transition period, we have put together some guidance to help keep your prospective parents engaged and interested in your school

If you need any assistance with anything we've highlighted above, please don't hesitate to contact our team. You can email us on or call us on 03453 191 039 and we will be happy to help. 

Katie Sixsmith

Katie joined e4education in November 2015 as a Project Co-ordinator in our Production Team. She was promoted to Production Supervisor in 2017 and then moved over to join the Commercial Team as our Marketing and Communications Executive in the summer of 2018. She has a 2.1 BA (Hons) in English Language and Literature from the Open University. 

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