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Behind The Scenes: Work Experience

Published on 29/06/16

Here at e4education, we understand that in order to have experience it's important to be able to gain experience. Work experience is a great way for people interested in working within the marketing industry, to get a taster of what can be expected. It also gives potential candidates a glimpse into everyday life here at e4education - and what makes it such a great place to work!

Below, we interviewed one of our beloved team members, Ellie Simpson, who did some work experience with us during her summer break from university.

1. Tell us about yourself:

I’m currently on a (very long!!!) summer holiday from the University of Leeds, at which I study Environmental Science. I thought that a little work experience at e4education would be a great way to enhance my CV before I took off travel America; and I wasn’t wrong.

2. How did you find your time here at e4education?

I worked at e4education for three weeks and absolutely loved it! There is no other way to put it. From the offset; the early (too early) 9am start on Monday to my final Friday afternoon, I was made to feel like one of the e4education team. I was involved in contact revaluation and group tasks such as creating new website content. I was also included in the vital daily tasks such as coffee and tea rounds - oh, and the continuous ‘banter’!

3. What are the three main things you have learnt or developed upon through your time here?

At e4education I learnt something that I did not realise there was anything to learn about: office life. Previously, I considered an ‘office job’ to be a very simple, mundane environment that I could not have ever imagined myself in. However throughout the three weeks, I came to realise that offices are a friendly, team focused and actually very fun environment to work in. A second thing that I realised was the importance of communication between fellow colleagues. At e4education, there is constant contact between staff that allows for the best results to be reached due to differing skill sets being brought together. Thirdly, I have learnt how to think alternatively. This is not a skill that I expected to need or develop, however when I was presented with a set of data or task to complete, the use of different approaches helped to get the job done more efficiently. What is for sure is that I did not quite master the ability to work the phones successfully!

4. What did you enjoy the most about working for e4education?

I think the friendly staff and the general relaxed atmosphere has to come above everything else.

Ellie Simpson, University of Leeds Student