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14 Reasons Why Your School Website Needs A Blog

Published on 16/04/15

We’ve been blogging all this week about our 14th birthday, so we thought it was a perfect time to highlight why your school needs a blog!

  1. Bring more visitors to your school website. Static content on your website isn’t interesting. By creating new content, such as blogs, you’re effectively making it easier for students, teachers and parents to trust your content, and driving more traffic to your site. Win win!
  2. Improve your writing skills, and the writing skills of your students. Having a blog is great, but if your writing isn’t up to scratch then it could be worse for your school. Getting your students to write blogs could also help with their creative writing, and English Literature.
  3. Learn more about your school in the process. Blogging about your school, your events and progress throughout the year can really help bring you, and your visitors, closer to your school.
  4. Establish yourself as an expert. As you share more and more posts, it will become obvious that you know your stuff when it comes to schools and education.
  5. Give your students a voice on your school website. Traditionally, school websites are written from the perspective of teachers and governors, and very little room is left for students. Including a blog can give students the opportunity to discuss their lessons, and experiences in their school.
  6. Improve your website’s SEO. When you write a series of quality blogs on a particular topic, Google takes notice. Each high-quality blog post you publish is another opportunity to get increase traffic from a search engine.
  7. Helping others. Sharing your experiences with lesson plans could really help trainee teachers starting out in education.
  8. Take control of you how you’re presented online. With online forums and social media on the rise, there is now more and more information online about your school – but not all of it will be written by you. Integrating a blog into your school website can help take the control back a large portion of your image.
  9. Create content that’s easy to share. Adding social media sharing buttons to your blog makes it so easy for your readers to share your blog on Facebook and Twitter, widening your message and reaching even more users online.
  10. Writing blogs regularly helps keep your website content up to date and relevant. Not only because Google boosts the search ranking of websites of regularly updated sites, but also because it makes your site interesting and gives your users a reason to come back regularly.
  11. Bring your school closer to prospective students, and job-seeking teachers. Whilst the main bulk of your website content will promote your school, your blog really gets stuck in to what makes you so great. It’s a more personal account of daily life at your school.
  12. Make it easy to share learning resources with students. Led an interesting class recently, or used an alternative teaching method? Sharing it through your blog can help young teachers in training, as well as local educators looking for inspiration.
  13. Parents can find out what their children have been getting up to! Day to day school activities can sometimes go under the radar, so sharing them on the blog is a great way to highlight good work with parents, and the local community.
  14. A great CMS helps support a blog! All our websites designed and created by e4education come with blogging as standard. We are also able to set up multiple log-ins, to allow your students to create blogs which are sent to teachers for approval before publishing live to your website.

Looking to get set up? Give us a call on 0845 257 0224 or email us