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What To Include In Your School's Communication Policy

Published on 05/04/17

Every school must have a communications policy featured on their website to ensure effective communication between the school, the pupils, their parents and other members of the wider community. This is to ensure that communications between all members of the school community are clear, professional, timely and appropriate.

Good communication is achieved by developing an understanding of each stakeholder segments' wants and needs, followed by providing solutions and responses to them. Once you thoroughly understand your audiences you will be able to communicate with them effectively and appropriately. 

To make sure every member of staff supports the school's communications reputation and policy, you will achieve a closer partnership between the school and its stakeholders.

What you should include in your communications policy:

  • Definition of Communication
  • Principles and Objectives
  • Aims of the Policy and Responsibilities
    Senior Leadership: Detail how the SLT will communicate with parents, students and staff members along with the procedures they should follow.
    All Staff: Explain when staff are expected to acknowledge and reply to parents and the procedures they should follow (i.e. within school hours, on school email system).
    + How the staff intend on communicating with parents (i.e. via a school diary, letters or email).

    + Parents: Details as to what parents are responsible for, including: absences, signing diary, ensuring child has school diary/planner, ensuring all contact information is up to date, ensuring any communication via their child has reached the appropriate staff.
  • Communications With Parents/Carers
    Methods of communicating with parents and carers, how often and procedures to follow.
    + Meetings
    + Letters
    + Email
    + Telephone Calls
    + Social Networking
    + Written Reports
    + School Trips, Visits and Activities
    + Severe Weather and Emergency Closure
  • School Prospectus
    What the intention is
  • School Website
    What the website is intended for
  • Home-School Communication
    + What the school is going to do to maintain communication with parents/carers.
    + How often they will send out newsletters, how and what it will contain.
    + When homework will be set and when parents evenings will take place.
  • Mobile Phones
    + Policies for staff 
    + Policies for students

Once you have written your communications policy, be sure to make it visible on your website in your 'School Information' area. With our CMS, this can be a simple case of either copy and paste or drop and drag using our easy upload feature.