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Going Paperless: How A School App Could Help You Save Thousands

Published on 13/09/17

Ray Fleming, Education Marketing Manager for Microsoft, recently suggested that schools are using up to a million sheets of paper every year and spending up to £60,000 per annum on printing and photocopying alone. While these statistics seem somewhat large and on the higher end of the scale, there’s no denying that most schools spend a significant amount of money each year on paper and print. With a squeeze on school budgets this is just one of the areas your school could look to make significant savings, without compromising the impact on communications or parental engagement.

One way a school might look to make savings is with a dedicated School App. A school app could host commonly printed items, like letters home, your latest newsletter, or even a permission slip to an upcoming trip. With everything managed centrally online, you’ll reduce the administrative burden on your support staff and save money too. 

Reducing Waste

One of the major problems with paper and print is that it often dates quickly and schools can often find themselves sending numerous letters containing updates or follow ups. Utilising a page or news story on your school website and using a school app to alert parents of any changes could be the answer to reducing your carbon footprint and saving a few pennies too.

Saving Time

A School App could potentially help reduce the demands on your support staff as well. Some schools will traditionally write something on their website, then write a letter to send to parents, duplicating work. Other schools might write a letter and then scan and upload it to their school website as an attachment. Wouldn’t it be easier to write this content once, directly on your school website, and then distribute it to parents through an app, at the click of a button? In e4education’s School News App you can do just that.

Monitoring Engagement

In addition to saving time and reducing waste, going paperless could yield other benefits too, specifically the ability to track and monitor engagement. As it stands, tracking how many people are opening and reading your letters/newsletters is difficult with print, unless you utilise calls-to-action with trackable links, or require a direct response to the letter. With a school app, you can see how many people are seeing your messages and viewing content using basic analytics tools.


Reducing a school’s dependency on print isn’t just great on the planet, but great on their bank accounts too. Making use of an app that links directly to your school website not only ensures you are still able to communicate with parents but potentially offers a better experience too. Just as text message notifications to parents was a key communication channel with parents over the last 5 years, the next 5 years will be dominated by apps that can deliver messages to parents at the click of a button.