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Picture Perfect Photography: Why It Matters

Published on 25/06/19

The old adage is that a ‘picture is worth a thousand words’ and this is especially true when it comes to photography on your school website.

When you use beautiful photography and videography to their full capacity, there is a reduced need for lengthy paragraphs explaining what your school is like or describing the relationships between staff and students because your imagery will instantly give an insight into this.

In this guide we look at why good photography matters and how to prepare for a photography visit. 

This guide was co-authored by Katie Sixsmith and Olivia Robertshaw. 

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Katie Sixsmith

Katie joined e4education in November 2015 as a Project Co-ordinator in our Production Team. She was promoted to Production Supervisor in 2017 and then moved over to join the Commercial Team as our Marketing and Communications Executive in the summer of 2018. She has a 2.1 BA (Hons) in English Language and Literature from the Open University. 

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