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How To Increase Parental Engagement Within Schools [Parental Engagement #6]

Published on 27/03/19

As technology becomes more prevalent in schools and indeed, in life, we are constantly looking for easier, faster and smarter ways to achieve tasks – especially if they can save your school time and money.

As part of our research, we asked schools if there were any methods that, whilst currently not using, that they would look to use in the future to help increase parental engagement within their organisation.

The results were overwhelmingly positive, with all of the schools that we surveyed responding that they would definitely look to use additional methods of communication in the future to increase their parental engagement.

Results by Method

Increasing Parental Engagement - 1

Results by Sector

Increasing Parental Engagement 2

Future Implementation Methods

The most popular method to be considered for future implementation was a School App, an Event Booking System, a Parents Evening Booking System and a Homework Management tool. The least popular option chosen by our sample group was Online Payments, with only a 4% interest in adapting this method specifically to increase engagement (although that is not to say that schools may wish to implement this functionality for alternative reasons).

Upon breaking the data down in sector specific details, it became evident that secondary schools in particular are very keen on implementing additional methods of communication to increase parental engagement. Secondary schools had the highest percentage of responses for all but one of the options given. The only tool which was ranked as more important to primary schools was the possibility of using a homework management system.

Email messaging, text messaging and social media seemed the most popular secondary specific areas of future investment for engagement, with the school app following close behind. For independent schools,
the areas they seemed most keen to improve on were the school website, text messaging, online newsletter builder and parents evening booking. The other options had no independent school responses, implying that they either already have them implemented within their schools, or do not see a need for them at this time.

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In Next Week's Post…

In our penultimate post of the series, we will be looking at ‘The Positive Effects of Increasing Parental Engagement and the Key Considerations for Schools’.

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