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Transforming remote learning through your school website

28 January 2021 Katie Sixsmith

During COVID-19 the focus was back on schools to provide students with remote learning options.  

We partnered with the Greenshaw Learning Trust, a leading multi-academy trust based in Surrey, to share their thousands of secondary school educational resources for free to all UK schools across the UK. 

What resources have been provided by Greenshaw Learning Trust? 

When the disruption to school life began in March 2020, the Greenshaw Learning Trust came up with an innovative solution to provide their students with the resources required to access all the educational information they needed – remotely.

Their dedicated team of staff set about reproducing their entire secondary school curriculum into a series of short bitesize videos with low-stakes tests to measure understanding and follow-up work, to minimise screen time.

To date, they have produced more than 3,000 teacher-led video lessons to support Key Stage 3 and 4 students, in years 7 – 10 with remote learning and they have made the content available, for free, to all schools across the UK via a dedicated section on their trust website

What is the e4education remote learning zone?  

We have worked with Greenshaw Learning Trust for many years and when they announced their fantastic curriculum and how they were sharing content with schools, we knew we could help them take this one step further.  

All schools (not just e4education customers!) can now take the Greenshaw Curriculum content and create their own remote learning zone for students on their school website. 

e4education customers can also group lessons to create custom learning palettes for individuals, classes or year groups.

Our hope is that this unique offering will support schools with the ongoing challenge of remote learning. Students will have the ability to learn from home if the school is required to close due to localised or national lockdown, but also in the case of illness or suspension and teachers can even use online lessons to complement in-school learning. 

Access to the Greenshaw Learning Trust curriculum will always be free, to all schools across the UK.

How do schools add the remote learning content to their school website?  

Existing e4education customers 

If you are already a customer with us, our customer relations team will be able to switch on the remote learning zone and this will then be accessible via your existing content management system (CMS).

Schools will always be able to access the pre-uploaded Greenshaw Curriculum content free of charge, but our customers can also upgrade to our ‘Creator’ role. This allows your school to create and host your own content and create custom learning palettes for individual students, classes or year groups. These can also be shared via email or SMS through our integrated communication tools, if enabled.  

Non e4education customers 

Schools who don’t have a website hosted by e4education, can still take advantage of the Greenshaw Curriculum through e4education’s open Application Programming Interface (API).    

Our team will send you all the information you’ll require to enable you to pull through the Greenshaw Learning Trust content to display on your own school website.  

Looking for a new website? We can help with that too!

Our Essential websites can be up and running in less that 14 days and costs start from £999 + VAT.

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