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Latest Live - May 2021

28 May 2021 Katie Sixsmith

This month we've seen 32 school, trust and teaching school hub websites launch, as well as our own brand-new website! Congratulations to everyone who has gone live in May! 

If you're thinking about a new school website design, then take a look at a selection of our latest lives below, or for an in-depth look at the software that powers all of our sites, why not book a demo?

May 2021


new e4education website on a laptop on an orange background

As a school website provider, we help hundreds of schools and trusts launch beautiful new websites each year. But this month, it was our turn too! Our talented team have been busy behind the scenes developing our own new website and branding.

We've modernised our brand, brightened up our colour palette, refreshed our content, streamlined our navigation and so much more! Did you know that even our own website is powered by our intuitive content management system

If you'd like some tips on planning your next website redesign, check out our post on the top tips and lessons learned from our own project. 

Every Child, Every Day Academy Trust

ECEDAT on macbook screen and phone on a wooden desk next to a notebook

This vibrant multi-academy trust website takes inspiration from their existing logo to create a modern distressed look with a circular slideshow, quirky hover states and watermarks. The bright, fun colour palette is used to great effect throughout to highlight key areas and tie the whole website together. 

SFET - South Farnham Educational Trust Teaching School Hub

2 iMac screens, back to back at an angle showing SFET homepage and calendar

We've been working with South Farnham Educational Trust for many years, so when they were awarded teaching school hub status, we were delighted to help get their new website up and running! Their uniquely styled navigation menu complements their logo, with each key area located within a colourful circle while their homepage video gives a great overview of their offering to the Hampshire and Surrey areas. 

St Giles Nursery School, Lincoln

Colourful homepage on Macbook with homepage hero shown on mobile

This nursery website is cheerful and welcoming with a big hero image and illustrated class icons. The hexagon motif is repeated throughout the website in complementary pastel shades to match their rainbow logo. 

St Paul's Infant School, Maidstone

Tablet and iPhone on a desk in an office above an Apple keyboard, showing St Paul's homepage

This infant school website also makes use of illustration to great effect, showcasing the core vision and values that underpin their organisation. The bold calendar feed, key quick links and news feed complete the homepage, offering parents a wealth of information at their fingertips as soon as they land on the website. 

Urmston Grammar School

Macbook showing Urmston homepage - background is split yellow and blue in school colours

Featuring a split navigation menu, subtle social media icons, professional photography, welcoming introduction and student testimonials, this elegant grammar school homepage instantly gives off a family feel that encourages you to find out more. 

West Norfolk Academies Trust; Gaywood Primary School, Walpole Cross Keys Primary School, Clenchwarton Primary School & West Lynn Primary School 

4 tablets showing West Norfolk primary school clones

This month has been a bumper month for school websites that are part of a multi-academy trust with 4 websites launching for West Norfolk Academies Trust! We've recently written a blog post on the benefits of a trust-wide project but this project shows just how successful it can be! Each of the primary schools has the same overall website design with subtle changes to their logo, accent colour and photography to give them all their own individual spin whilst retaining a cohesive and consistent design that makes them instantly recognisable as part of WNAT! Congratulations to you all! 

Swale Academies Trust; Istead Rise Primary School, James Dixon Primary School & The Whitstable School 

3 mockups showing 3 Swale Clones

Another fantastic multi-academy trust who has reaped the benefits of a trust-wide project is Swale Academies Trust whose own website went live in November 2019 (and it still looks as fresh as it did then!) 

These 2 primary schools and 1 secondary school have the same design but with variations in logo, imagery, colours and watermarks to make them still feel unique! We love how much photography is packed into these homepages - it really gives a flavour of the schools and is fantastic for signposting parents, students and visitors to key information. Congratulations on your new website launches!

Finally, this month we want to celebrate some of our essential school website launches! 

Our essential website range is flexible, versatile and has a wide range of feature-rich rows to choose from. We've chosen to highlight 3 of our essential websites launched this month, which all look completely different but fantastic in their own right.

All of our customers who have an essential design benefit from the same content management system and level of support as our bespoke website designs

Radnor Junior School - Semuto, Uganda

Radnor Uganda on macbook screen with red background

When Radnor Sevenoaks approached us about helping them with a website for their affiliate schools in Africa, we were delighted to assist. 

We think the split welcome message with image and text is great to give a feel of the school straight away.

Take a look!

Rainbow Teaching School Hub

Rainbow TSH on macbook screen with blue background

With teaching school hubs launching officially in September, it's important to have a website in place to direct enquiries.

Rainbow TSH's interim website allows them to boost SEO and generate interest whilst their bespoke website is being built!

Watch this space to see what's next!

HISP Teaching School Hub

HISP on macbook screen with yellow background

At the other end of the country, we've also provided HISP TSH with an interim online presence whilst we work on their exciting new website.

This design allows them to showcase their offering with a detailed graphic showcasing their locations. 

We can't wait to see their bespoke website go live in due course!

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