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Latest Live - February 2020

28 February 2020 Katie Sixsmith

It's definitely been a different February with multiple storms, a world-wide virus and the addition of an extra day, thanks to the leap year. 

Luckily, we have some fantastic innovative website designs to share with you, to brighten the gloom and end the month on a high note. Congratulations to all of our lovely customers who launched a new website with us over the last 28 days.

We've highlighted a selection of these below; don't forget to get in touch if anything you see sparks your imagination...!

February 2020

Bryanston School

Bryanston on 2 mac screens with bright yellow background

Bryanston have been a valued customer of e4education for many many years, so when they came to us about refreshing their much-loved, well-visited and frequently mentioned website, we were thrilled to assist. Get a taste of life on their Dorset campus through their innovative, exciting new blog and video and see their unique take on a dynamic, interactive parents area

Churchfields Infants' School

Churchfields on laptop next to glass of water and phone

Churchfields Infants' School have captured the perfect balance of child-friendly and modern with a combination of illustrated elements and engaging content on their new website.

Sylvia Young Theatre School

Sylvia Young Theatre School on screen and tablet

There's wow-factor the second you land on the Sylvia Young Theatre School website with powerful photography and a daring colour palette. The full-screen menu and clear signposting to important information add to the sophistication of the design

Wensum Trust

Wensum on desktop screen and mobile

This streamlined design takes inspiration from the logo to create a flow and synergy throughout the website. Each of the academies in this Norfolk based 11-school not-for-profit Trust are easily accessible via homepage links and through a dedicated 'Our Academies' landing page. 

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