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3 Reasons Why You Should Incorporate Video Into Your Independent School's Marketing Strategy

Published on 11/01/17

A professional, promotional school video has the powerful and unique ability to make a significant impact by capturing emotions and inspiring intrigue. By visually communicating your vision, values and personality you will be able to differentiate the individuality of your Independent School. 

The Independent sector undoubtedly contains the world's most competitive schools. Having to compete on price and accommodation as well as academic achievement, facilities, and extra-curricular activities. Comparatively, State Schools typically only have to compete with other in their local area because students tend to go to a Secondary School close to home. This is precisely where Independent Schools differ. When parents and pupils are deciding which Independent School to choose, they have a much larger number of options available to them. Parents a less restricted by locality because boarding is available, giving them the opportunity to be much more selective. 

Although the number of options available may be one reason for the amount of competition within the Independent sector, it doesn't stand alone. Independent Schools are also recruiting record numbers of foreign pupils. Figures published by the Independent School Council show that one in every five new pupils come from abroad; with 20.9% from China, 17.6% from Hong Kong, 10.3% Russian, 7.1% German, 4.7% Spanish, and 4.3% Nigerian. This means that not only are Independent Schools in the UK competing with one another, they are also in competition with those overseas. 

So how can you escape the sea of sameness and truly stand out from the rest?

To Tell Your Story

Naturally we are empathetic, emotional, and socially connected creatures. We have the ability to 'feel' someone else's pain, rejoice in their happiness and experience anger over their tribulations. This strong, emotional connection gives any audience something to relate to; thus feeding our innate curiosity with the lives of others.

Stamford Endowed Schools came up with an incredible campaign named 'This is where...', which takes the viewer on a journey from the junior school all the way through to graduating sixth form; featuring several students sharing what makes Stamford Endowed Schools so special to them. From "This is where I met my best friend" to "This is where I became part of a team", Stamford Endowed Schools have managed to encapsulate the stories of so many of their students to perfectly sum up their own. Not only does this video showcase the school grounds, facilities, and values - it also shows their personality. A story told straight from the mouths of their students; because at the end of the day, it's all about the kids.

To Be Authentic

It's important to consider what your audience truly cares about and determine their wants and needs. Emotions are at the epicentre of any story, but in order for it to become relatable it has to feel authentic. Bentley School, an Independent Day School in California, focused their school video around a critical question; "What is it really like to be a student here?". 

This is an incredibly authentic approach to take because they are directly asking their students the question; leaving no opportunity for the school to take a biased approach by talking about themselves. The answers and opinions are coming from the people who really matter... the students.

To Make It Personal

In order to differentiate your Independent School from the rest, your video should capture and demonstrate your personality, values, and ethos in a perfectly condensed package. It's not always easy to encompass absolutely everything that makes your school different; however, Fallibroome Academy managed to do so in their incredibly creative promotional school video. 

By involving all 1531 of their students and 209 of their staff, they clearly demonstrate the incredible sense of community within the school. The enthusiastic collaboration that is evident throughout the video will leave any viewer smiling at the screen. Oh, and the finale is spectacular!

There are so many ways you can differentiate your Independent School and set yourselves apart from the competition. See what some of our clients are doing below:

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