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Connecting your school community

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    • Real Cost Savings

      Time and money are always in short supply in schools.

      By giving your staff the tools to produce emails and newsletters in the most efficient way possible, you free up their time and release some of your budget

    • Ofsted Improvements

      OFSTED look for effective communication and parental engagement.

      By ensuring your school community is receiving clear, relevant and timely communications, you are delivering exactly what OFSTED require.

      The email, newsletter and app modules help you to improve communications and increase parental engagement, easily.

    • Time Saving

      Clear communications are essential in any school, but it can be a very time consuming process to find, collate and broadcast the necessary information to the different groups of stakeholders.

      The Connect platform from e4education connects to your MIS system and also uses information you already have on your website. Meaning information does not have to be re-entered, and everything can be done in the content management system you already know and love  - all time saving features

    • Trusted

      Since 2001, over 2,500 schools and 100,000's parents have trusted e4education to provide their websites and software.

      The Connect platform offers the same exceptional levels of customer service, ongoing support, security and reliability which our schools have always enjoyed.

    • Improved Engagement

      Clear, well presented communications which are delivered directly to your parents in the way they prefer will always get the highest engagement rates.

      The Connect system is responsive, so adapts to tablets, mobiles and PCs. For parents without an email address, the communications can be printed out and handed to students in the traditional way.

      Emails and newsletters sent through Connect look better and so work better - getting you the engagement you need, when you need it and reducing admin time


    The most feature-rich Content Management System (CMS) available for schools; with news, events, galleries and social media integration included as standard.

    Our sophisticated yet exceptionally easy to use CMS was designed with schools in mind and can be picked up in minutes, regardless of your level of technical expertise.

    • Our intuitive editing toolbar and in-line content templates mean that you can create engaging, beautiful content within minutes, using our click and type or drag and drop technology.  

    • Unlimited access to interactive tutorials and walk-through guides means getting to grips with your new system is extremely simple and highly effective. Our Support Team are at the end of the phone or email should you need them, but with our interactive help system, the answer is always at your fingertips 24/7. 


    • Keep your parents and community up to date by utilising our comprehensive page functionality to publish news stories, calendar events and galleries to your website with just a few simple clicks. Share your news articles, blog posts and galleries straight to Facebook and Twitter with our handy social media integration tool.

    • Improve the way your school deals with open day bookings, absence reporting and prospectus requests by utilising our comprehensive, built-in form functionality.

    "A great factor in our original decision to work with them (e4education) was the user interface and inline CMS which is simple and effective to use"

     The Minster School

    ConnectParents Evening Booking

    Revolutionise the way your school handles booking parents evening appointments. Give your parents a hassle-free option to book the teachers they want to see at the time slot that is best for them. The headache of coordinating multiple bookings across different classes and departments will be a thing of the past with our simple yet effective platform.

    • Utilising our interactive dashboard, you can create and edit the whole parents evening from one simple screen - with full control and customisation on an individual teacher basis for availability and appointment length. 

    • Give your parents the ability to book their child's appointments across multiple teachers by giving them a secure login to choose the dates and times that work best for them. 


    Save your school time, money and unnecessary duplication of work by using our simple yet effective MIS integrated email system to communicate safely and securely with your community.

    • Our messaging module is simple and quick to use, and a low-cost way of improving communications with parents. Our system will reduce administration time, and give your teachers the flexibility of communicating directly with parents by syncing securely with your MIS, to ensure that all of your information is always up to date and reliable. 

    • You can create templates of your urgent or commonly used emails, allowing you to resend information without having to rewrite the emails every time. Frequently sent communications can be stored and reused, time and time again.

    • All your emails are sent with a consistent look, using your school logo, colours and contact details. Every email looks professional and on brand.

    "This is the simplest email system I have ever used."

    Connect beta tester


    Engage with your community at the touch of a button by creating dynamic, interactive newsletters with our sophisticated, yet easy to use, digital newsletter builder.

    • Our drag and drop editor saves hours on the newsletter design and compilation. It uses information which is already on your website, so it’s a case of select and use.

    • View newsletters that have been previously created, when and by whom. Clone previously created newsletters and tweak before sending.

    • Every newsletter you create uses the school's colours and logo, ensuring each communication is well presented, on brand and easily read

    "Using e4education’s Connect Newsletter is fantastic. It has made producing newsletters quick, easy and very professional looking. I love it!"

    The Buckingham School


    Keep your community informed of the latest news and events from your school using our much-loved Connect App. Send push notifications directly to their phones to provide instant updates on urgent information.

    • Never miss an important event again. Parents can add events directly from the app into their personal calendar, ensuring key dates are not missed.

    • Quickly access news, events, letters home, term dates, newsletters and other key information directly within the app. 

    • There is no cost to parents to download or use the app, we regularly make improvements to the app which parents will get access to automatically.

    Over 150,000 parents have already downloaded the e4education app.

    "The e4education App has transformed our home school communication at St. Martin's School. Parents find it extremely useful in keeping them up to date with events and news articles. It is the most cost effective and engaging form of electronic communication that we have encountered. We would recommend it highly."

    St. Martin's School

    Text Messaging

    Invest in your future and increase the effectiveness of your schools' parental engagement through the use of our state-of-the-art text-messaging system.

    • Draft and send text messages at the click of a few buttons via your own interactive dashboard within the Connect suite. Create templates for regularly sent updates, or compose brand new messages as and when required - ensuring that quick and easy communication with your community is always at your fingertips. 

    • Preview your messages before sending them to ensure clear, professionally formatted texts every time. Our in-built character count will ensure your texts are the length you require and will warn you if you go over the standard message limit. 

    • Our text bundles are the most competitively priced on the market, to help save your school money. Purchase text credits in bulk to allow you the flexibility to send messages as and when you need, without worrying about how to pay for them. When you're running low, we'll show you a friendly reminder to top up your account.