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6 reasons why your school needs a prospectus

14 April 2015

well-designed prospectus is an attractive, functional marketing tool for most schools. Prospective parents like nothing better than to have an informative prospectus that they can flick through at their leisure. 

Prospectuses are an ideal way to showcase your school’s ethos, values and lifestyle and offering this in a physical format gives you another avenue to attract new admissions. 

Discover 6 reasons why we think you should definitely invest in a professionally designed school prospectus

1. Give an instant impression of your school to prospective parents

A prospectus, like your school website, is a quick and easy way to share information on your school, curriculum and offering with prospective parents. Parents will be able to share the document with their family members and friends, to get a second opinion, and will return to consider your school again and again as they browse and decide on their next steps. 

2. Share additional information with specific audiences

Invest in a capacity or non-capacity pocket at the back of your printed prospectus, to share handouts and additional information. You can also have one prospectus design that works across your school, then add in tailored information at the back, depending on which school year you're attracting applicants for. 

3. Add it to your school website as a promotional tool

Using an interactive flipbook or even sharing as a PDF on your school website allows you to share your prospectus far and wide, even with those who haven't attended a physical open day. You can also share the document via social media, email and communication tools

4. Complement your school's branding 

Our talented designers can created a beautiful school prospectus that complements your school's branding, logo, colours and school website. 

5. Reuse your school photography 

If you've had professional school photography recently then a prospectus is a great place to share these images with your wider community. Genuine, authentic imagery can have a masisve impact - and don't forget - a picture is worth a thousand words!

6. It doesn't have to cost the earth

We know that the word 'professional' can sometimes be equated with expensive, but there are so many options to consider when producing a school prospectus that it can be beautiful and on budget!

Using your prospectus as a powerful marketing tool requires engaging content, an on-brand attractive design and a quality print finish.

Whether you're hosting an open day, providing a virtual walk-around or encouraging parents to request a postal version, it’s always best to get your print order in early to ensure you have a plentiful supply at the ready to maximise your admissions potential.