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14 Reasons Why Your School Needs A Prospectus

Published on 14/04/15

Throughout the week, we’re celebrating turning 14 with a series of blogs aimed at highlighting the ways your school can make the most out of website design, print, branding and marketing.

In this blog, we’re taking a look at school prospectuses. Despite the rise in popularity of social media and digital marketing, we think prospectuses are still an important part of school marketing. Here are 14 reasons why your school needs a prospectus!

  1. Prospectuses can give an instant impression of the school when a demonstration of the school website isn’t available. Don't currently have access to the internet? Hand them a prospectus to give them an overview of your school, and curriculum.
  2. Glossy printed pages can really showcase your school grounds, facilities and student achievements.
  3. They can be updated easily for different types of open days. Add and remove handouts to make your prospectuses relevant for different school years.
  4. It can be uploaded to your school website as a promotional tool, something you can share even further with social media and emails.
  5. It can be designed to match your school’s branding, colours and personality. The design is really flexible – there are thousands of different styles, colour options and finishes to choose from.
  6. A well-presented prospectus can be a great promotional tool. 56% of consumers state that print advertising is still the most trustworthy type of marketing, so don’t neglect it! (Forbes, 2014)
  7. It’s a great place to re-use your school photography. Had some professional school photography recently? Don’t just use it on your website – including it in your prospectus can make a real impact, especially with the right print finish.
  8. Having a tangible piece of marketing to share with your prospective students can often have a lasting effect on the reader.
  9. Readers often engage more with a printed prospectus, spending 20-30% longer reading text, as opposed to an online alternative. However, linking from a prospectus to a website can drive more visits to an online version following a browse of your school brochure. (Forbes, 2014).
  10. Uploading your prospectus to your school website also allows you to track visits and interact directly with those interested in your school or academy.
  11. It doesn’t have to be expensive! There are different options to consider when producing a school prospectus to ensure you can save money, whilst still having an effective marketing tool. 
  12. Having a prospectus on hand can save you time when discussing your school with a prospective candidate. It also makes it so much easier to demonstrate how great your school is!
  13. Compared to other print options, such as magazine advertising, a school prospectus ensures your reader gives your school 100% of their attention whilst they are reading.
  14. You don’t have to produce it alone! We support schools with their prospectus design along every step. 

Want to update your school's prospectus, or just want to find out more about our print and design services? Get in touch! Click here to contact us today.