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What Apple’s Latest Launch Means For Your School Website

Published on 11/09/14

It’s hard to miss a new iPhone launch. Every year Apple announces a new handset, or two, and the press across the world goes crazy – and this year’s iPhone 6 launch was no different!

But what do the two iPhone 6 handsets mean for your school website?

One of the biggest trends we’ve seen in website design over the last few months has been the need for pages to be responsive. As more handsets become available, all at different sizes, the need for websites to become easy to view on a range of mobile devices becomes increasingly more important. According to IDCover 1 billion handsets were shipped worldwide in 2013 alone – with 100’s of different manufacturers and screen sizes available. This could mean parents, teachers, governors and pupils could all be accessing your school website from completely different handsets, with differing screen sizes and resolutions.

With Apple launching two new handsets, both larger than previous models, and in differing sizes respectively, it’s becoming obvious that websites in responsive designs are a necessity, not a luxury. Apple might make phones that appear similar, but the changing size of their screens changes the way websites appear – unless they are responsive and prepared for multiple screen sizes.

But it’s not just Apple who have changed their screen sizes – Android has over 18,000 distinct devices in the market, proving the dominance of mobile screens in modern age technology. Would your school website appear clear and easy to understand on that many devices?

Responsive design isn’t just about making websites easy to read and consume on mobile handsets, but also on laptops, tablets and desktop PCs. The trend also means your website is future proofed, so whilst Apple continues to launch new handsets over the coming years, your schools stakeholders will still be able to view everything they need, at the touch of a button.