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Style It Out: Stylised Typography On School Websites

Published on 21/08/15

At e4education, we love making websites truly personal to you and your school. ‘Stylised typography’ is a design trend, highlighting certain pieces of text on your school website, most notably your ethos, mission statement or values. We’ve helped several school put focus on their mission statement, and here are a few of our favourites.

Northborough School

This mission statement includes several different handwritten font styles, beautifully displaying the ethos of the primary school. We love how it loads on the site, especially with the partially transparent background. It really stands out on the school website. 
View the site here.

St Benedict’s Infant School

This site includes lots of subtle animation, including the stylised mission statement. This phrase loads across a red ribbon, and looks amazing on the primary school site, really drawing you in as you scroll through the content. 
View the site here.

Grove Road Community Primary School

Is your mission statement longer than a traditional ethos? Grove Road have displayed theirs using the letters of RESPECT, with each letter highlighting a different section of their mission statement, and being featured on a different colour. As each section switches to the next, the colour beautifully fades and changes through the rainbow of colours, making the website bright, interesting and informative. 
View the site here.

We spoke to Divya, one of e4education’s designers, about these new stylised mission statements. “We feel that they really add a personal touch to each school website, and really make it their own.” Divya has worked on several primary school’s mission statement designs, and said she loves developing the design to suit the school’s personality. “We have so many handwritten fonts and styles to work with, that we can really make your ethos stand out from other schools, as well as the other content on your school website.”

But it’s not just the design that Divya loves to work with – “I love making each school website stand out. Whether that’s with small animations on a mission statement, or a beautiful font. We really work hard to ensure each school website looks beautiful, and performs well.”

Want to find out more about school website design, and how we can make your mission statement stand out? Click here to get in touch with us today.