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Should Your School Use Social Media?

Published on 05/05/15

Social media use has increased every year since Facebook launched. This year it’s reported that residents in the UK spend on average 2.2 hours every day on social networking sites, and almost 60% of us maintain at least one social profile (We Are Social, 2015). Statistics like this reinforce the need for companies and businesses to use social media as part of their marketing strategy, but should schools use it to?

How could you benefit from using social media?

Your school takes part in several events each month, and a great way to share this information is via social media. You’ll have these posted on your website and in your calendar, but sharing them through a Twitter or Facebook account can increase the reach. Sharing through these platforms can also help encourage participation with students, and highlight all the great things you get up to the local community. Other benefits include:

  • Increase search engine rankings. Sharing links to your school website on social media can help boost the credibility of your school website, and can lead to a boost in your position on Google.
  • Decreased marketing costs. Sharing key information on social media allows you to reduce your overall spend on activities like text messaging parents and printing out hundreds of letters each week. Just make sure you share your Twitter handle or Facebook page with your students!
  • Increase parental engagement. It can often feel like the only time parents and teachers interact is during parents evening. Sharing key information online can give parents an insight into life at school, and encourage conversation about their child’s education.

How you can use social media effectively

We love seeing what schools get up to on a daily basis! We’ve spotted this handful of schools on our timelines recently, and wanted to share them with you.

Stockport Grammar (@stockportgs) This independent school share everything from sports results to student achievements. Their timeline is also full of great photography and links to their website, making their tweets really interesting.

William Law Primary School (@WilliamLawSch) This Peterborough primary school regularly share images from their daily activities, comments from students and revision tools.

Carshalton High School (@CarshaltonHighSchoolForGirls) This school share images of after school clubs, school trips and fundraising activities.

Hawick High News (@Hawick_High_News School) activities range from music concerts to parent-teacher conferences – it’s all shared on their Instagram!

The Sacred Heart Language College (@tshlc) A wide range of content is shared from this London school’s Instagram account. They also share inspirational quotes to help encourage students with revision and exams.

Henry Cort Community College (HenryCort) The college uses Pinterest to share student artwork from all years, and disciplines. There’s even a board for the art teachers too!