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How To Save Money on Your School's Prospectuses

Published on 18/09/14

Open days are often synonymous with the start of a new term. Getting prospective students in for a tour is great, but do you have high quality school brochures for them to take away? Renewing your school brochures can be a great way to show off the best your school has to offer, but it doesn’t have to break the bank in the process.

Simple things like finding the most cost effective print format and style can all effect how much your prospectus will cost. You can even outsource production to ensure a professional finish, and help keep costs down by printing in bulk. Check out more of our top tips for saving money on your print work this term below.

  • Do outsource! The professionals do this for a living, and really know what works and what doesn't. They can advise on print styles and formats, and what is the best situation for your schools budget.
  • Proof read your content carefully. Mistakes can be costly to rectify, so getting your content proofread before going to print can be priceless. You can even outsource this to your printers to get a second, expert opinion.
  • Buy in bulk…or just buy the design and re-print it when you need it. It might sound strange, but both options can lead to cost savings in the future. Buying your prospectus in bulk can lead to cost reductions, as will simply printing as and when you need to. The latter can also free up the space needed in your school to store multiple copies, and ensure you don’t lose money if they go missing or get damaged.
  • Only write what you need. Simply put, don’t use seven words when three will do! Lengthy blocks of text use up a lot of ink and can be hard to proof read. Ensuring your prospectus contains only the necessary information means you’re being more efficient, and there is less room for error when it goes to print. You can always point prospective students towards your website for more detailed information.

Ready to revamp your school prospectus? Get in touch for a no-obligation quote.