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5 Reasons You Should Consider Signing Up For The e4education Academy Today

Published on 22/01/15

Here at e4education we are always looking for ways to help schools improve their marketing, online and offline. So, we created the e4education Academy– a free online platform filled with useful guides helping you with everything from making the most out of your school website to improving your marketing.

The e4education Academy launched today, and we’ve listed some of our favourite things about the Academy below.

  1. It’s free. No sign up costs, and there will never be.
  2. It’s relevant to you. We only work with schools, so we’ve got bags of education specific knowledge to help you with your marketing.
  3. It’s interesting. We don’t just post articles. We’re sharing short videos, e-books, how to guides… the list goes on.
  4. It’s updated regularly. We’re always thinking of new content to share, and we’ll be uploading new articles and guides constantly. Got a great idea for a resource, or want a specific question answering? Share it with us, and we’ll take a look at creating it – just email or tweet us on @e4education.
  5. It’s for all stages of your marketing journey. Whether you’re just starting out with Twitter, or you’ve been editing your school blog for years, the e4education Academy is here to help.

Head over to the e4education Academy to check out the latest resources now.