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Preparing Your School Website For The Christmas Break

Published on 15/12/15

With the holiday break looming, your website can sometimes be the last thing on your mind. It might be worth taking a few minutes to update a few areas though, to make sure your students and staff are well informed about the new term.

Update these items to make your school website ready for the holidays:

Upload new events for the next term

Running a school trip in January, or have mock exams scheduled? Adding these to your calendar before your break up for Christmas can help students prepare, and remind parents of upcoming events. Parents can also stay up to date with school events with the updated School News app.

Update your ‘headteachers welcome’

Normally on a websites home page, or linked from the home page, your headteachers welcome can help introduce students and their parents to your school. Updating it each term, or each year, with your schools vision can be just one way to keep your website up to date. 

Share important news stories

In the e4education content management system (CMS), you are able to ‘pin’ important news stories to the top of your news section, to ensure they are read first by your school website users. Posting a news story about your school opening times and dates for the new year, and pinning this to the top of your news section, can ensure students know when they are due back to school.

Schedule social media posts for December and January

Social media can be a great way to engage with your school community over the Christmas break. Sharing posts about term dates, important events and news through your profiles can be really helpful, especially if you share links direct to your school website. Did you know that the e4education CMS helps users share pages direct to Twitter and Facebook?

Want some help preparing your school website for the Christmas break? Get in touch! Call us on 03453 191 039 or email us now.