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Prepare Your School Website For Half Term

Published on 23/10/14

Breaking up for half term soon? Preparing your school website for the break is a great way to ensure parents, staff and students are informed on upcoming activities and events. It also allows your students to continue with their revision, or prepare materials for the upcoming term with the useful information you can post in advance. We’ve put together this handy guide to help you prepare for the upcoming half term.

Plan ahead

Do your school uniform guidelines change after the half term, or is there anything important happening in the first week back? Posting it to your website before you break up is a great way to prepare students in advance.

Events during half term 

Any school trips, holiday clubs or events over the break? It might be hard to get in touch with all your students and their families, so keeping your website updated with the latest event information means you have one less thing to worry about.

When does school reopen?

Post your back to school opening times on your website as breaking news banner – that way, everyone knows when school is back in session.

Setting homework projects for half term 

Got a project your students need to complete over their week off? If your Content Management System (CMS) has an archiving option, you can set content to go live throughout half term, and archive the page once school returns from the holidays.

Social media

Utilising Twitter and Facebook, as well as your website, can help parents and students stay in touch with the school throughout the year. If you’re returning from a school trip, using Twitter to update parents on your ETA can be a great idea.