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The Most Popular Resources On The e4education Academy: September 2015

Published on 29/09/15

We regularly update the e4education Academy with new resources – everything from social media tips, website design advice and guidance on technology. Here are the top 5 resources on the e4education Academy right now.

5. When should you go live? Planning your new school website project, but not sure when your site should go live? This resource will help you establish the best time of year for your project to go live, and the ways you can promote your launch. Download your free copy here.

4. How to create effective newsletters. Do you use newsletters to share news with parents? It’s now easier than ever to share newsletters with social media and more intuitive school websites, but are your newsletters up the test? In this free short guide, we take a look at some of the ways you can revamp your school newsletter, and what type of content you should – and shouldn’t - be including. Get your free copy here.

3. What should I be posting from my school’s social media accounts?Looking to improve your communications with the local community and your students? Improving your social media strategy, and what you post, could really help. Find out more in this free resource.

2. How to create eye catching news stories. In this client-only guide, we demonstrate how interesting news articles can not only quickly present important information, but how they can transform the look of your website.Download this resource here.

Ofsted checklists

1. Ofsted and DfE Requirements Checklist (Updated for September 2015)With a number of reports suggesting that Ofsted have been unexpectedly visiting schools who fail to publish required information on their school website, making sure your website has the right content has never been so important. We hope this guide will give you all the information you need to ensure your school website conforms to these latest requirements. Get your free copy here.

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