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Microsoft Reveals Plans For a New Browser: So What?

Published on 22/01/15

Did you know there are currently 5 main different internet browsers available? This, coupled with the news that Microsoft are due to launch a brand new browser later this year, shows how divided the market is, and just how many different ways there are of viewing the internet.

The launch of Microsoft ‘Spartan’, and the end of an era for Internet Explorer?

According to statistics, over a fifth of internet users browse using Internet Explorer, of which they are currently 11 different versions. The majority of users browse with Google Chrome, a platform that is nearing its 40th update.

But what does this mean for users with out-dated browsers?

Firstly, your view of a website could be completely different to another user – purely because your old browser doesn’t support the latest technology or designs. These users could potentially be missing out on great functionality, simply because their internet browser is a few years old. Imagine investing in a beautiful new school website, only for some of your users to miss out on the new design because they are using an old browser.

The news from Microsoft’s latest press conference regarding ‘Spartan’ has provided insight into the latest browser technology, most notably inbuilt voice command and webpage annotation, but getting users up to speed with the latest version could ensure every end user has the best possible online experience, and user friendly features.

How can you keep up to date?

If you’re unsure whether your browser is up to date, head over to Outdated Browser to find out.