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Lockdown Reading for Primary School Children

Published on 05/05/20

It’s fair to say that lockdown is tough enough for adults, never mind how it must be for the children in our lives.  If you’re struggling to keep up with 'what school work goes where' from the variety of educational websites sent home, try not to panic; it's perfectly normal and we’re all experiencing our own versions of the home-schooling roller-coaster.

Reading is encouraged across the board, both in school, but also at home. And there's never been a better time to promote a love of reading to your primary-aged children. So, grab a cuppa and see if there’s a well recommended read for you and yours in our handy list of the most popular books for children in primary school.

All of these books were voted for by kids and parents (via Amazon and Goodreads) and we’re pretty sure they’re all available for quick Amazon or independent book store delivery too!

Reception: The Monster At The End Of This Book (rated 4.44)

With the help of Grover from Sesame Street, this book will encourage your little ones to read simple words and with his insistence that they shouldn’t turn the page and continue reading, it's sure to bring hilarity and excitement along the way.

Spoiler alert: The monster at the end of the book is in fact Grover himself, so if you’re going through a tricky stage of night time monsters this could be a great chance to instil some bravery. It's also the perfect opportunity to change monsters into a  funny topic rather than a scary fear (after all,  Grover is a monster!)

Year 1: Winnie The Pooh (rated 4.35)

This adorable, honey-loving bear from the imagination of A A Milne has been a hit throughout the generations. Take your child(ren) on a journey to the Hundred Acre Woods and let them experience these timeless stories and loveable memorable characters. 

Offering subtle yet beautiful wisdom - these tales are the perfect bedtime treat. 

Year 2: A Light In The Attic (rated 4.35)

A collection of inspirational poems showcasing rhythm and rhyme whilst accompanied by simple yet fun illustrations.

The topics and subject-matter are wide-ranging, thought-provoking and fun, providing an ideal introduction to poetry with something for everyone. 

Year 3: Matilda (rated 4.31)

A classic Roald Dahl novel filled with magic and mischief that embraces the joy of reading. Set primarily in a school location, it explores multiple themes and introduces some iconic characters such as Miss Honey and Miss Trunchball. 

A great story to read aloud together. 

Year 4: The BFG (rated 4.23)

The next step in your child's Roald Dahl journey, the BFG has a more advanced vocabulary and an extended plot than Matilda, but still maintains all the brilliant characteristics of a classic Dahl novel.

Take them on a adventure with the Big Friendly Giant, Sophie and the wacky, wonderful concoctions of this imaginary world - they'll never have to wonder what  'snozzcumbers' and 'frobscottle' are again!

Year 5: The Hobbit (rated 4.27)

The Hobbit is a brilliant novel full of imagination, creativity and literary skill. It's the prequel to the Lord of the Rings trilogy but can also be read as a standalone story, providing an introduction to the world of Tolkien. 

With a slightly longer page count and sometimes tricky vocabulary, this may be a book you decide to tackle together.

Year 6: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (rated 4.47)

Witches and wizards. A magical boarding school. Friendship and bravery. Letters delivered by owls!

Whether your child has seen the films before or not, the first book in the Harry Potter series is the perfect way to get them started on reading this phenomenally successful series. Why not get the whole family involved and share the magic together? 

What are you reading to your children during lockdown? Let us know via twitter @e4education

Prefer a brightly coloured infographic to read, save or share? 

Infographic of top rated books for primary children by year group