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The Culture

At e4education we foster a culture with our employees at the very epicenter. Our diverse and experienced team of specialists are responsible for our incredible reputation, the beautiful designs we create and the strong relationships we form with our clients; we know that without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

In response to our annual staff satisfaction survey our employees described the culture at e4education as:

  • Collaborative
  • Friendly
  • Awesome
  • They are the best

The Benefits

At e4education we expect hard work and commitment from our staff and in return we ensure they feel valued, involved and appropriately rewarded. Just as we take pride in what we do for our clients, we also take pride in what we do for our staff. This is why we invested in our building to make it an engaging and creative place to work and relax. In our breakout area we have a gaming zone, pool table and reading room for our employees to wind down in over their lunch break.

The Team

The company is divided into several teams of specialists, so if you’re looking for a creative, technical, sales or administrative job in Peterborough, e4education is a good place to start.


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    Our marketing team is responsible for not only ensuring that e4education is reaching their audience at the right place, at the right time - but also for providing our clients with support with their own marketing efforts by providing them with strategic advice.

  • 2


    Once our marketing team has reached potential clients to generate leads, it’s up to our sales team to answer any enquiries that come their way. This team are responsible for developing the initial relationship with schools, academies and trusts across the UK; whether it’s going out to meet and pitch to potential clients or to demonstrate the numerous benefits of our CMS.

  • 3


    As soon as a lead makes the decision to convert into a customer, our production team become their next port of call. This team is responsible for looking after our clients throughout their journey with us and ensuring their experience is smooth and enjoyable. Their unbelievable organisational skills and passion for customer care are largely the reason why we have such a high level of customer satisfaction.

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    The hugely talented design team is compiled of specialists divided into separate areas of expertise, suited to different schools and academies within the education sector. The production team are responsible for assigning specialised designers to the appropriate projects and from there the designers will arrange a consultation with their client. Once the objectives, wants, needs and challenges have been outlined, our designers begin creating bespoke, unique websites that respond directly to the brief.

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    As soon as the design has been approved by the client, our designers will discuss how the website design should come to life; including hover actions, functionality and features. Our front-end developers will then work with the design to translate it into a finished and fully functioning, responsive website. Our back-end development team are constantly working to iterate and evolve our content management system; fixing any issues and adding features and functionality that our clients have suggested - in order to make it the best it possibly can be.

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    Our dedicated support team are responsible for maintaining the on-going relationships we have with our clients. Once their websites go live, the client will then be in the hands of our extensive support team of technical professionals. Their role is of paramount importance when it comes to fixing any issues our clients encounter, or providing guidance on the maintenance of their school website. The unrivalled reliability and dedication of our support network is what separates us from our competition and ultimately becomes the deciding factor for many of the schools, academies and Trusts we work with.

The People

By empowering our teams we have created a dynamic and diverse working environment in which people are encouraged to grow and develop their existing skills in order to continually learn. It’s important that each and every one of our employees feel genuinely valued and understands the impact of their role throughout the internal process.

  • 100% of our workforce would recommend e4education as a good place to work