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Industry Placement Day at e4education [Guest Post]

Published on 16/03/20

Last month, we had the pleasure of welcoming Priya, one of our lovely customers to spend a few hours with us for an Industry Placement day. 

Priya who is the Website and Intranet Manager for Havering Colleges Sixth Form, tells her experience in her own words of a day in the life of e4education...

Being a client of e4education, I was given the opportunity to spend a day with them to learn about what they do and how they work, as some of this is similar to my daily role. My work is wholly based around the sixth form website and as this was designed by e4education, it seemed a natural fit to visit them.

On arriving at e4education, the Sales Manager Natalie, was kind enough to set up a schedule for me so I could speak to as many people from different teams as possible, as I was only staying for a few hours.

Sales & Marketing

Firstly, I met the sales and marketing team, who are lovely people and very friendly. I had spoken to a few of them over the phone previously, as they are usually the first point of contact from a client perspective.

I then went up to the first floor and entered a large room which was full of a lot of people. Here sat the developers, production and support teams; everyone all together on one floor.


First on my schedule was a chat with a designer, Jordan. It was interesting to listen to what his day to day activities were, how he works with clients and seeing the software he uses to create his amazing designs. I saw how something on paper or a chat with a client can translate into a design creation. He was working on many designs and every single one was different. I noticed how there is a distinct style that e4education has with their sites but how each client site has its own unique designs.


Next I spoke to Michael, a front-end developer and on his screen all I saw was lines of code. He told me about his team and how they work closely with the designers to build the design into a website. If there is anything that needs complex integration, there is a team of back-end developers located across from them.


Next I met with the support team. I was looking forward to meeting this team as I speak to them quite often so putting faces to names was really useful for me. They're also a nice bunch of people and really friendly. I spoke to most of them and saw how the support queries get dealt with. I also had an in depth conversation with Lee, one of the third line support members, who showed me in more detail, the work they get involved in.


Finally, I spoke with Lucy who is a member of the production team, the people who are responsible for pulling everything together.  e4education not only create websites but they do a whole lot more for example branding, prospectuses, photography, videography and virtual tours.

They also have a great, easy to use, communication tool platform. This comprised of an email system, parents' evening booking system, digital newsletter builder and a school news app.  Zed, their on-boarding coordinator gave me an insight to how this works for a school who have subscribed to the email and parents evening booking system, it is very simple and straightforward to use.

A final note...

My day at e4education was very informative and helped me a great deal to understand how they work, deal with their projects and communicate with their clients. They are a wonderful group of people and I could see that working closely with each other ensured they deliver a great service to their clients. But the most important thing I found from talking to everyone, is that they enjoy their job and love working for e4education.

I am really grateful to everyone for giving me the opportunity to spend the day with them and learning more about yourselves.

Keep up the great work e4education.

Priya Chohan
Website & Intranet Manager
Havering Colleges

We are very thankful to Priya for choosing to visit us on her Industry Placement Day and for giving up her time to write this brilliant guest blog post for us. It was a pleasure to have you spend the day with us and we hope to see you again soon.