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How To Improve Your Enrolment With A Virtual Tour

Published on 15/03/17

Why limit yourself to opening the doors of your Independent School on only a few occasions a year? A virtual tour allows potential parents and students to experience your impressive grounds, facilities and working environments - without having to physically be there.

International Reach

Interactive and engaging websites have become essential to attracting students to Independent Schools, particularly international students and those in different areas in the UK that might find it harder to visit your school. Virtual tours provide potential students with an insight into what their life might look like at your school; where they will be studying, sleeping, eating, and socialising with their friends. It will also provide parents with an understanding of what they can expect of their child's experience.

"I Googled It"

Virtual tours will prove to have a significant impact on your Independent School's recruitment and enrolment efforts. Gone are the days where parents rely, solely on prospectuses. Today, the task of deciding which school to choose is completed almost entirely online. This is why schools need to have a dynamic online presence to remain competitive.

Your Virtual Open Day, Anytime, Anywhere

Your users will be able to use their tablet and smartphone gyroscopes to look around your buildings and facilities by simply tilting their screens. Within the virtual tour, there is an option to add clickable hotspots which you can annotate with text, images or video content.

Differentiate Your School From Competitors

Show off your features, facilities and architecture to demonstrate how unique your school is. Do you have a swimming pool, a new science block, or state-of-the-art media equipment? Parents and students will be looking for reasons your school would be a better option than any other. They want to feel confident that your Independent school can and will provide them with substantial scope for their personal growth and development.

Share, Share, and Share (and Like)

By adding a virtual tour to your school website you will be able to share it easily online, across all of your social channels. Proving this to be an incredibly interactive and engaging investment, whilst providing your stakeholders with helpful and useful content. WIN WIN!

Catch Their Attention

By providing your stakeholders with an insight into your Independent school. they will become increasingly engaged and inquisitive about finding out more. This subsequently leads to them shortlisting your school as somewhere they have to check out in real life.

Picture This...

By allowing students to explore your Independent school's grounds and facilities, they can begin to picture what their life might be like there; what they will do in their spare time, where they will socialise and congregate. By incorporating this into your virtual tour, you will present your school as being student centred. So now when you're talking about the new media suite, you don't have to just describe it to your stakeholders; you can show them!

Click on the images below to see examples of two virtual tours we have completed for our clients.

Bryanston Virtual Tour

Ashmole Virtual Tour

So now you know how incredibly valuable a virtual tour can be for your Independent school, why not ask us more about how we can bring your school to the homes of your stakeholders, all across the globe.