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Get Prepared For Open Day Season Without Breaking The Bank

Published on 20/09/17

With the impending fairer funding formula on the horizon, you’ll probably want to make sure your school is running at capacity. One way you can impact enrolment is to host a successful open day/evening. In this blog post we look at how you can run a memorable open day on a budget.

Bulk Ordering Prospectuses

If it’s unlikely there’ll be any drastic changes to your school for a few years, it might be worth considering bulk buying your school prospectus. When it comes to print, the higher the quantity of prospectuses being printed the more affordable each one becomes. Doubling your quantity could see the price per prospectus fall by a factor of 10 – much better value, for very little extra.

Buy Prospectuses With Pockets

If you think your school prospectus might need tweaking each year it might be worth considering printing the generic consistent stuff in a brochure and having a pocket in the back where you can include inserts. This way you can benefit from bulk purchasing, all the while giving you the flexibility to change the inserts with up-to-date information like course information or exam results.  

Purchase A Durable Pop-Up Banner

Pop-up banners are a great way of decorating your entrance hall, signposting classrooms where you might be showing off a glimpse into school life, or as a backdrop during the head teacher’s welcoming remarks. With multiple uses, throughout the year, a pop-up banner is a key part of any school’s marketing arsenal. As with most things – buying cheap could often mean buying twice. With a range of pop-up banners on the market, you’ll want to purchase one that’s going to last for many open days to come. Companies like e4education are more than happy to help offer advice on which one will give you the highest durability at the best possible price.

Work With Local Press

Need to promote your open day/evening? Your local press can help. See if they’ll run a feature on your school, or invite them to your open day to write a follow up piece. Help make their lives easier by putting together a press release and taking pictures. If you have any well-known alumni, see if they’d be willing to speak at the school – this might help increase your odds of getting your event some free promotion.

Use Your School Website

Be sure to use your school website to promote your open day. We always recommend having a dedicated page on your website, with a friendly URL, where you can Share the agenda, post comments and feedback about previous open days, and allow people to find out more. If your website has social media integration like the e4education CMS, why not promote your open day on your social media feeds for some extra exposure?