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How Will You Change Your School Website in 2015?

Published on 09/01/15

Sticking to your New Year’s resolutions? According to research, most Britons give up their resolutions after just 7 days, but this is usually down to creating unattainable goals. One goal that can be easy to reach this year is revamping your school website. Whether it’s content or the style, these quick tips can help breathe life into your site in no time.

  • Get blogging. Blogs are a great way to bring your school to life online. Personalising blogs with photography from events, and giving your students and teachers a voice on your website, can not only diversify your content, but offer an insight into life at your school. Blog types can include updates on school trips, exciting events and the current curriculum.
  • Hello from the Head. Traditionally, a headteacher would pen a welcome note on a school’s homepage. Over the school year your ethos may need updating, or an exciting upcoming event may need prominence. Updating the headteacher’s welcome termly can help users feel like you pay attention to the website, whilst also imparting important information to students, parents and teachers.
  • Pick your best angle. As we’ve mentioned before, great design can be transformed with stunning school photography. However, out-dated photography could be detrimental to your image. Had a sports event recently, or a school theatre production? Uploading a couple of high quality images to your show reel can really make a difference.

Updating your website can be so much easier with a supportive Content Management System (CMS). Find out how the latest version of our user-friendly system can help revolutionise your school website.