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How a Great CMS Can Improve Your School’s Social Media

Published on 27/11/14

More and more schools are starting to use social media as part of their communications strategy. Partly linked with the rise in popularity of social media, but also as a way to communicate with parents on a more regular basis, social media can be used to deliver more than just school news.

Social media and your school

Schools who utilise the huge platform social media offers can help secure a much wider audience for their message. Traditionally parents might have only interacted with your school through newsletters or your website. However, with social media, you can create a two-way conversation, easily sharing time sensitive updates, like changes to exam timings, and unscheduled school closures.

How a great Content Management System (CMS) can support your school

Typically, the content you will share on social media will originate from your school website, so creating a link between the two platforms can make life so much easier. In the latest version of our CMS, 4.5, we have integrated social media sharing as standard:

  • Dedicated share section in CMS 4.5, allowing users to easily share any content to your linked Twitter and Facebook accounts.
  • It’s simple to integrate a Twitter or Facebook banner onto your home page.
  • Embed YouTube videos into content using just the URL.
  • We are able to include sharing buttons on your content, such as blogs.

There’s so much more CMS 4.5 can offer. Find out more here.