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6 Ways To Engage Your Staff In School Marketing

Published on 08/03/17

April is upon us, and we all know what that means: yep, a shiny, fresh, brand new budget for you to play with. We also know that budgets aren't quite what they used to be. More and more schools are having to come up with innovative ways to make their money go further than ever before, when marketing their school. One brilliant way of doing this is to get your staff involved. When it comes to Open Day Season you need your staff to be enthusiastic and consistent ambassadors of the school. 

1. Tell Their Stories

Tell Their Stories

I don't know how many times we have mentioned this in our previous blog posts, but it's genuinely one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal and best of all... it's FREE! Stories are (or should be) an essential part of marketing your school, whilst remaining credible, authentic and backing up anything you say with evidence. 

If one of your school's values is creativity, back it up with genuine accounts from your students and staff. In order to collect this information you need to get involved in meetings, have lunch with teachers and encourage staff to document notable experiences that they believe bring the school's key messages to life.

2. Ask Their Opinion

Ask Their Opinion

Teachers know about all the little things that make up a school. They are the ones who work closely with the children on a daily basis; if they aren't convinced the school is practising what it preaches, staff are more likely to express disdain, thus making it hard for them to back your school during Open Day Season, without coming across as insincere. 

Open up the floor to your staff, encourage them to share their opinions with what they believe to be working well and where there are weaknesses. Take any criticism as constructive - at the end of the day it will help you improve; it's better than your staff staying silent and becoming demotivated.

3. Empower Ambassadors

Empower Ambassadors

Your staff should be an extension of your school; sharing the same values and beliefs and demonstrating that throughout their professional lives. They are closely trusted by parents and students and this is a perfectly authentic marketing and communication channel for your school.

People listen to people. Your staff should look into using their networks to share their experiences of life within the school. Staff will be more willing to do this if they are feel strongly about the school and how it operates.

4. Let Them Bring Your Messages To Life

Let your students and staff demonstrate how each year group, team or department works toward the school's mission statement. When your visitors arrive at your school, it's absolutely vital that you have a clear and consistent message, which can be delivered eloquently by all those involved. Not only will this lucidity become apparent on your Open Day, but it will be clearly evident throughout your school website, prospectus or video and make it so much more engaging.

Organise a session to go through the key messages of the school and brainstorm ways of demonstrating this throughout the school's marketing opportunities.

5. Get Them Involved In The Planning

Whether you're organising your school's open day or planning a marketing campaign, get your staff involved from the beginning. A collaborative group effort will create an open environment in which your staff can produce interesting ideas that encapsulate the school's key messages. You will find, involving your staff will give them a sense of ownership and involvement, resulting in genuinely inclusive and authentic marketing campaigns.

At the end of the day, when was honey ever made with only one bee in a hive?

6. Keep Them Up To Date

Let them know how effective the marketing efforts have been. How many enquiries have come in off the back of a campaign? What was the feedback from the Open Day? By keeping your staff in the loop, you will be able to continue to work together to consistently improve upon your future marketing efforts.

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