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Different Print Finishes & Their Benefits

Published on 07/10/14

The autumn term is usually the most popular time for schools to consider new prospectuses. Having an updated brochure can be really useful during school open days, and help highlight any improvements to the school, or any specialities.

One other important factor when updating your school prospectus is the print format. Certain styles may help to preserve the quality if you plan to buy in bulk and store it throughout the year, where as others can help convey a more premium look to your prospective students and their families.

Which print format style should you use?


Traditionally the most durable finish, Gloss can be wiped clean and doesn't split down the spine. If you choose to store your prospectuses for later on in the year, a Gloss finished brochure will still look great month after month.

Matt Laminate

Choosing to laminate your school prospectus adds a layer of protective coating to the printed surface while also improving its sturdiness and water resistance. Prospectuses finished with Matt Laminate typically look the most professional, due to the smooth texture.

Spot UV

Typically used in conjunction with Matt Laminate, Spot UV allows you to highlight certain areas of your prospectus with a glossy finish. Want to draw attention to your school logo, or a particular photo? Spot UV is the ideal solution, but it’s best used sparingly for the best effect.