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GDPR Compliance

Published on 30/05/18

Great news! In preparation for GDPR we have updated our terms of business, privacy program and policies. 

All e4education customers will receive updated Terms of Business over the next month.  If you would like a copy now, feel free to contact your Account Manager who will forward it to you. 


In the meantime, feel free to browse our updated Privacy and Cookies Policy or check out some of the exciting new features we have developed in our 4.5 CMS to assist you with compliance. 


New Compliance Features in 4.5! 


At e4education, we take privacy very seriously.  We have developed industry leading changes to assist you with data protection compliance. 


Here's the lowdown on what we've done: 



Personal data in your User Manager or gathered via forms on your website is now encrypted for an extra layer of security.  


Data Protection Officer 

You can now designate a user with the role of Data Protection Officer (DPO).  This user will receive email notifications related to data protection, including notifications alerting them to users who have not logged in for a while.  This will encourage content to remain accurate and secure by deleting or updating user accounts.  



Website Administrators can now setup cookie notifications, in accordance with the new data protection regulations.  The cookie bar or popup provides the user with an option to accept or decline the use of cookies.  The style is completely customisable, so you can tailor it to your school colours. 


Going to 'Cookie Settings' in the 'Website' tab of your CMS, will allow you to create the notification with a choice of shapes, colours and a nifty preview. 


Privacy Policy 

The cookies notification includes a link to the school's Privacy Policy page.  This page details cookies used across the site.  You can add additional information to this page such as your school's own Privacy Policy or statement. 


If you use iFrames, embed YouTube, Vimeo videos or anything else which displays third-party content or functionality on the website, it's important to detail information about cookies which may be pulled in by the third-party. 


To update the cookies list on your Privacy Policy, navigate to 'Cookie List' under the 'Website' tab and enter the required information.  Once saved, this will automatically update and display on your Privacy Policy. 


Form Submissions 

One of the principles under GDPR states that data should be "kept for no longer than is necessary".  To make cleansing personal form submission data a little easier, we have created some functionality allowing you to bulk delete form submissions. 


Navigate to a form on your website and press 'Results' under the 'Edit' tab.  From here you can select multiple form submissions or all form submissions for deletion.  A scheduled process on our servers will run overnight to delete submissions marked for removal.  Once the process has run overnight, the submissions are permanently removed our systems. 


A change to our support procedure 

To guarantee security on your website, our Support Team will only take calls and requests from users who have a valid set of logins in the school's website User Manager.  To verify a callers identity, the team may request a Support Code


If requested, you can generate a new code by pressing 'Support Code' under the 'Help' tab on the CMS.  A Support Operative will then ask you to read the code you have been given to confirm it is the same code they have received. 


Alongside this, we strongly recommend that any users with editor access to the school website have their own user accounts, under their own names.  This will speed up the process of verifying your identify, allowing us to quickly assist with the issue or request. 


We hope that you find these updates useful and reinforce our commitment to your school's privacy, security and customer experience.  If you have any questions, comments or would like a walk-through of these features, send a message to us at