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Are You Ready For Google’s Latest Algorithm?

Published on 21/04/15

Earlier in 2015, Google announced it would increase use of 'mobile-friendliness' as a ranking signal from 21st April.

When Google rolled out the Penguin algorithm, it affected a small percentage of global searches, but this new mobile algorithm is expected to have a much larger effect.

Currently Google highlights mobile friendly websites with a small note next to the URL of each site. However, once this new algorithm has been rolled out on 21st April, Google will start rewarding sites who provide a good mobile experience for users.

What is a ‘good mobile experience’?

Having a site that displays information beautifully, regardless of device size and model, is the best option when considering Google’s updated algorithm. Responsively designed websites ensure content is presented correctly whether you’re using a laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile screen. Responsive websites are also much easier to index, so Google can access and list search results for your site much faster than before.

Creating a separate mobile site for your school could be detrimental to your search ranking, as you will have to duplicate content across both sites, and this could dilute your Page Ranking on Google.

Want to ensure your school website looks great, and is ‘rewarded’ by Google? Contact us to learn more about responsive design.