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5 Ways To Improve Recruitment In Your School

Published on 05/03/16

In December 2015 the NAHT stated that 59% of school advertising for teachers struggled to find applicants. It also indicated that the recruitment process is costing schools approximately £10,000 per vacancy in agency fees alone.

At e4education we are always trying to find ways to help schools with the most pressing issues of the day, like the cost and effectiveness of finding the right candidates for your school.

We've called upon an expert from the recruitment-advertising sector to help and advise our schools. Vic Catanach currently works with William Lawrence Advertising, and previously spent more than three decades as a senior exectuive in media. During his career he has helped hundreds of schools and colleges with their recruitment advertising, offering a breadth of experience and knowledge, both for traditional and online recruitment.

Here are Vic's 'Top 5 Tips for Recruitment in Schools'

1. Make the campaign work for you!

Be specific about the role, teachers and support staff love detail. Be sure to write interesting and motivational copy, including location, hours and benefits.

2. Use both traditional and online channels!

For some roles, working closely with local press and media may suffice. Build relationships with press officers and consider writing up a press release profiling the schools achievements, aspirations and recruitment drive. For more senior vacancies be sure to use national media such as the TES (Times Education Supplement) for your recruitment needs. And of course, be sure to add amplification through your social media outlets.

3. Be brave and sell your school!

Without a doubt your biggest sales tool is your existing people; teachers, the leadership team, sutdents and governors. Use multimedia to showcase what an amazing place your school is. Never underestimate the potential of a virtual tour, video or strong photography to entice the very best talent.

4. Think outside the box - use case studies!

Profiling staff and success stories at your school, along with development opportunities and pathways can instantly add additonal appeal to your advertisement. Use statistics, ofsted reports and quotes about what it is like working at your school to entice fresh talent.

5. Make effective use of your website.

Having a dedicated place on your school website for recruitment can really help. In addition to the SEO benefits of having a dedicated page focused on recruitment, you can encourage people to submit their CV's even when jobs aren't currently available.

For help and advice filling your vacancies at no additional cost (with many schools even saving money!) call Vic on 01727833122, call his mobile on 07976710972, send him an email at or connect with him on LinkedIn.