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4 Things We Spotted at BETT 2015

Published on 26/01/15

In 2014, we invested in our customers instead of hiring a stand at BETT, and this year we decided to do the same.

We attended BETT as visitors on the look out for the latest in education technology, and were excited by some of the cool gadgets and tools on display.

Here are just a few of the things we noticed at BETT 2015.

  1. Exciting new technology. Everything from the latest tablets to intuitive presentation tools was on display, taking classroom learning to the next level.

  2. Interesting developments in classroom tech, and home learning. This included immersive learning experiences for every age and level, to carrying on the great work at home with interesting homework tools and Virtual Learning Environments (VLE).

  3. Teachers are more tech savvy than ever before, and are expecting more from their gadgets. Gone are the days when a simple interactive whiteboard is enough. Now schools are on the lookout for intuitive classroom tools to liven up lesson plans.

  4. Technology isn’t considered a nice addition to the classroom, but a necessity. Think educational YouTube videos streamed via a touchscreen whiteboard, where students make notes on their iPads.

Instead of investing in a stand at BETT 2015, we invested in a platform that aims to help schools and academies develop their marketing skills - the e4education Academy.

Discover more about the e4education Academy here.