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14 Reasons You Need A Responsive School Website

Published on 13/04/15

Did you know e4education is turning 14 this week? We’ve been designing websites and supporting schools for over a decade, and recently we’ve only been creating websites in a responsive framework.

Responsively designed websites are those that look great on a range of devices – not just desktops or larger screens. Now whether you open your new school website on a mobile, tablet or laptop, the design will look amazing, and no functionality will be lost. We love responsive design so much we’ve put together 14 reasons why you should love it too. Enjoy!

  1. Did you know Internet access from mobile devices more than doubled in 4 years? Due to this huge increase in mobile traffic, it’s now more important than ever to provide a responsive website to your users. (ONS, 2014).
  2. Google recommends responsive design as an alternative to mobile ready design. This is because responsively designed websites have one URL, regardless of device, which makes it easier and more efficient for Google to organise your website content.
  3. It’s even easier to share mobile sites with your current and prospective students. With mobile internet use so high, and increasing, it’s now even more likely that your website users will be viewing your site from a mobile device. Having a website which can display beautifully on your mobile helps you share information on the move.
  4. Responsive design helps create familiarity across platforms. Having the same design across multiple platforms quickly signposts that it’s your school website as soon as the page has loaded.
  5. Get even more from your website with responsive design. Don’t lose users along the way with a design that doesn’t allow views from a mobile device. Responsive design lets users discover everything about your website, regardless of the device they’re viewing it from.
  6. Schools can now access their website’s CMS from a range of devices too,making it easier to manage content. If you have your school website with e4education, it’s really easy to update your site from a range of devices, including your homepage, blogs and photography.
  7. Your school content looks amazing! When we design a school website, we start from the smallest screen size to ensure that whatever the device, your content looks great.
  8. One website is better than two! No need to direct mobile-only traffic to a trimmed down site, and you don’t lose the stats on your main website.
  9. It also means you don’t have to upload content more than once, to two different websites. Essentially, a responsive website saves you, and your users, time.
  10. Mobile users can still view your website on the go, even if they don’t have an internet connection. If they’ve opened your website in a window on their phone or tablet’s browser, they’ll still be able to read the content and connect with your school.
  11. No need to zoom or pinch to view information. Mobile users don’t need to over-use their fingers to access information as everything is displayed beautifully, based on your screen size.
  12. The links you build and share are stronger, which in turn helps your Page Ranking. Getting rid of your mobile site, and dedicating time to one, beautiful responsive site helps improve your Google search results, whilst also improving your website’s credibility.
  13. Reduced page load times. Large files and images are optimised for smaller screens, so there’s no waiting time to view the great content on your school website.
  14. Reduced website bounce rates. Your new, responsive website will be easier to load, so you aren’t losing viewers because your website is now optimised.