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14 Reasons Why Your School Website Needs Photography

Published on 15/04/15

All this week, we’re celebrating turning 14 by bringing you some themed blogs.Today, we’re looking at 14 reasons why your school website needs photography.

  1. Photography documents your student’s journey throughout the year. Whether it’s a first year student, or a head girl, photography can really bring their story to life on your website.
  2. Great photography can inspire prospective students and job-hunting teachers. You could write paragraphs and paragraphs about how great your school is, but actually showing someone can make a real difference.
  3. Photography brings your school to life, when a school tour isn’t available. Students unable to make an open morning? Immersive imagery is all you need to give someone an insight into daily life at your establishment.
  4. Preserve memories of school trips and events with impressive photography. Images on your website don’t just need to be for prospective pupils; show off your sporting achievements or school trips to current students with a few snaps they’ll love showing their parents.
  5. Professional photography, which isn’t stock imagery, makes your school website look much more credible.
  6. Stand out. Truly great photography can give your website personality, and give your students a face and a voice.
  7. It makes your website more memorable. If your website has striking imagery on your homepage, it’s going to make a more lasting impression than a website made up of just text.
  8. It automatically adds colour and vibrancy to your school website.
  9. Images, which are tagged correctly, can be great for your website’s SEO. Just add alt tags and give your file a relevant name to make the real difference. 
  10. Highlight your school’s specialism instantly with professional photography. Do you have next level media arts facilities, or are you a specialist science academy? Show this off to your audience with the help of photography.
  11. It can be used again and again. Want to share it on social media, or use it in your proposal? No problem!
  12. A professional photographer will be experienced in highlighting everything great about your school, it’s students and it’s grounds.
  13. A professional will also be extremely experienced in editing images, and ensuring they’re the right file size and type to upload to your school website. Our in-house photographer has 100s of school’s worth of experience, from small primary schools to large academies. You’re in safe hands!
  14. We’re on hand to help! Whether you’re looking to revamp your current photography, or need some new images in your school prospectus, we can help.

Want some new images on your school website? Get in touch to chat about our photography offering.