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10 Benefits of Having a User Friendly CMS

Published on 07/09/16

From working with schools, academies and trusts from all over the UK,  for over 15 years, we understand that time is a precious commodity, which is why we have developed our own CMS to alleviate the time constraints of managing your school website.

When it comes to updating your school website, having a user friendly content management system (CMS) can be the difference between spending a few hours adding an event or news post, to spending just a few minutes.

Making website management more... manageable

So how can having a user friendly CMS make your lives easier when it comes to adding content to your website?

1. Simple

No expertise is needed to update the content on your website, enabling users with even basic IT literacy to add content, information, images, videos, events and so on. So if you are lacking in the technology gene, fear no more; a CMS provides you with the ability to easily update your website with the click of a button.

2. Get Others Involved

Because no technical specialisation is needed, it is easy to get everybody involved. This will help with distributing the responsibilities to ensure that if one person is away, someone else has the ability to edit or add to the content on the website. Our CMS enables various users to produce content, submitting it for approval from the admin account; to ensure that there are no mistakes and everything is in-keeping with the school's digital strategy and brand guidelines. 

3. Time

Gone are the days of waiting for somebody to update your website, or spending hours trying to figure out how to do it on your own. By having the ability to share the work-load and easily add content, this alleviates time pressures on any one person. The simple, user-friendly interface of our CMS incorporates in-line editing, which allows users to simply 'click-and-type' to make any changes to the content on their school website - in little to no time at all.

4. Make Changes

You will be able to add additional pages, change the layout of content and keep up the visual appearance of your website easily; meaning no extra design charges are needed. This enables you to make changes as and when you need them and saving yourself time and money by not having to wait or pay a developer to make changes for you.

5. Up To Date

By having a CMS that allows anyone to update your website, this will help to ensure your content is constantly being renewed or added to. This means that parents, students and teachers will be more likely to visit the website on a regular basis. This also helps in terms of SEO; if a website updates their content regularly, search engines will crawl and index your website more frequently - ensuring that you're always visible in the search engine results pages.

6. Analytics

The e4education CMS has an easy to use analytics dashboard to help you scrutinise the success of your website. This information will show you how visitors are arriving at your site, the number of visitors per day, how long for and how many times each page is viewed.


7. Cash Saving

A website with built in CMS will offer you a variety of simple features that don't require you to customise or build with code. The e4education CMS includes areas for you to add in friendly URLs, keywords, H1 tags and meta descriptions to help with SEO optimisation. This will help search engines to discover, crawl, read and reference any content on your site to ensure you are visible in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

8. Responsive

Having a fully responsive website also helps with accessibility and boosting your website's overall SEO performance. Since Google introduced their mobile friendly algorithm, websites that are not designed responsively are penalised and do not appear in the SERPs. Having a responsive CMS also means that you are able to update or edit content on the go; on smartphones and tablets. 

9. Social Integration

Our CMS has social media sharing integration incorporated into the website design. This means it's easier for you and your website visitors to share any news posts, pictures or events on various social media channels, quickly and with ease.

10. Flexible Design

With the predefined design of the overall website, there is still plenty of scope to adapt and customise each page. Pages must remain visually coherent with your a school's brand colours, font and style; along with being easily navigable to any area, promptly. 

Hopefully that should sum up why a CMS is so beneficial for the management of your school website. If you would like to find out more about our user friendly CMS, visit our website, drop us an email at or speak to one of our advisors by calling 03453 191 039.

Laura Sutton

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