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What we do

From design to development, there's a whole team of people looking forward to working with you.

What can we do for you?

Website Design & Development

A website unique to you. Built into our very own CMS, and using our robust responsive framework too.


Every day more and more people are turning to mobile devices to consume content. With a huge variety of smartphones and tablets on the market, delivering your content effectively has never been so important.

With responsive design we can deliver an optimised performance and navigation that work together harmoniously to ensure a seamless experience on every device. Built in house, our robust responsive framework is flexible, fully tested and unrivalled in the education sector.

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Our Process

Each project starts with a simple question: what makes your school unique? From there, we perform a stakeholder analysis and a consultation to determine your target audience and key aims and objectives. Working collaboratively, our experienced team will then bring all of this together, turning your ideas into realities.

Our process has been perfected and refined over more than a decade and the result is an experience that continues long after your school website goes live.

Modern Technology

With the Internet changing so fast, we keep on top of the latest innovations and trends so you don't have to. Our websites adhere to modern coding principles and practices. And we use the latest equipment to build and test your website.

The result - a website that is lightning fast, compatible on all modern browsers and accessible on the latest devices, maximising your investment in a long lasting and effective web presence.


Getting to know you

Our process starts with you. We want to get to know you, your school and everything you stand for. After deciding to work with us we'll find out everything we can to make your project a resounding success.


Parents, teachers and students all checking your website on thousands of devices.

responsive is on devices

Custom Framework

A responsive framework forms the basis on which a good website is built. It ensures consistency, and quality, across all devices. That is why we built our own, just for schools. And because it works with our CMS too, adding mobile optimised content is simple.

Mobile First

With no one screen size having more than 20% share of the market, catering for the numerous mobile platforms is essential. With a change in browsing habits comes a new thinking. Mobile first. This simple idea means that we can deliver a seamless experience across a huge range of devices, however big or small.

Fully Interactive

Perhaps the best thing about a website that works across devices is that it opens up even more possibilities. We are able to introduce CSS3 animations, touch interactions and events, along with mobile platform feeds and calendar syncing. These features are sure to deliver an unparalleled experience in mobile browsing.

Photography & Tours

Capturing a school's spirit in every image takes years of experience. Our photographers consider every detail so you end up with a series of photos that portray the very best your school has to offer.

From beautiful school grounds, to happy students, and even tablet-friendly 360' virtual tours - our media offering is sure to create an immersive experience for any visitor.

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Take a look at Solihull School's Virtual Tour


Building a brand - from concept to creation - around you, and everything that makes you unique.

Logo Development

Your school logo is a badge of honour. It appears on your school uniform, your signage, and all of your print and digital media. Whether you are looking to refresh your image, or create something from scratch, we can help.

We have worked with academies on creating an entirely new brand, and schools who are looking to modernise their existing identity. With stakeholder analysis your logo treatment is given the same care you would associate with restoring a fine piece of art.

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Not everybody loves a Kindle - to some, the feeling of paper on skin is everything. We have talented print designers solely focused on prospectus and school brochure design. With years of experience they can work with your brand guidelines to recommend everything from choice of paper, to the finish.

Best of all, every prospectus we produce comes with a free digital copy for you to use on your school website, saving you money and making it instantly accessible to all.

"From start to finish e4education have helped my vision become a reality. They were incredibly supportive and efficient when having to deal with my very specific design requests. Every step of the process was straightforward. We have now got a website that we are very proud of and use every day. "

Fran Hollingsworth, Headteacher at Gunthorpe Primary School

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We spend as much time building relationships as we do building websites. This is why so many schools choose to work with us every day.

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